Monday, January 3, 2011

A Few Changes

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's weekend! Guess what? We finally got snow!!!! I am so freakin excited, it finally feels like winter! Erik and Abby took a trip to the mountain on New Year's eve and had a blast. We have had the fire going all day, the kids and I snuggled in and we are enjoying the coziness the snow brings!

The babysitter has been booked for weeks getting ready for this night. Some great friends sure do know how to throw a great New Year's party! ERIK EVEN DANCED WITH ME!!!!! Totally made my night! We had a blast and rung in the new year with some very near and dear friends. Nothing like a little booty shakin and champagne to welcome 2011!

That next day I wrote out the date many a few times just because. 1.1.11, I love when numbers do cool things. When the clock says 3:33, I yell for everyone to look. For good luck of course!

I have never been one to write out resolutions. I usually have a few in my head that I ponder over, but I have never officially made a list. First of all I don't need more to-do's in my life, my plate feels very full. But, I do have many a few goals in my head and it sounds fun to make a list. I like lists. A lot.

Mommy duty: I feel like I have been lacking in the mom department. We were watching some home videos over these past two weeks (the kids love to watch themselves on t.v.) and I was seeing some major differences. Now, I understand that at that time I only had two kids and life has it's seasons. I am not saying I want to be as corny as I used to be, trust me I was that typical first time-my kid has to know everything from infancy type. But, I definitely would like to sit down with the kids more than I am now. Reinstate our at-home schedule.

Yelling: Now this sort of goes along with the first one and I know it will lesson once our home feels more structured. I am a yeller, I hate it, but I am. I can't stand when I hear my children yelling at each other and I know that they get it from me. I can't stand the stress this brings to our home and I terribly want to rid my days from my angry voice. I don't plan on it disappearing all together, but I would be happy to just see it become less frequent. We are a loud family and always will be, it's just who we are. But, less of the angry stressed-out loudness would be great!

Blogging restructure: I love blogging and connecting with you, my blogging family. I know it will be something I always do. But, with that said I need to lighten my load just a tad. What that means for me is I am going to lift my self-inflicted deadline of when I post. I have been posting on Mon, Wed, Fri faithfully form the beginning. I really do love having that consistency, but for now, at least for a season I just want to lift that burden from my plate. Maybe I will still post three times a week, maybe less, maybe more. But just to take off the deadline I have instilled in my head, would be a great relief for me right now. Who knows, I might not like it and go back to my schedule, but I want to give this a shot and see how it goes. I will also soon be instituting my business blog/website and so I am not sure what that looks like yet, how to balance both.

Website: I really need to get my website up and going. It has just been sitting there so neglected. I think now with my load lightened a little in the blogging department I will have some time to work on it.

Exercise and diet: Okay, I know this is on everyones list, but none the less, it's there. Starting today we are going mercola full throttle. Miss Ella has been having some stomach issues and so it's really coming at the perfect time. She needs to be dairy and gluten free for the most part and that is basically what our new way of life is going to be. We have done it before with great success and I couldn't be more excited about what it means for our family. The next few weeks are going to be rough with the detox process taking place, pray for us, especially little matthew who is totally carb addicted. I just signed up for another race, so time to get this holiday butt of mine back in gear!

Reading my Bible: I am so awful at this and it's not that I feel guilty about not doing it, I just know the blessing that it brings. Even if it's just starting out small, but somehow this needs to happen.

Money: Being better with our spending is on both mine and Erik's list. We have been off our budget ever since we moved here, it's time to start saving again!

Okay, that's enough! I need to stop because I feel like I could go on forever with the things I would like to see myself improve on. What are some of yours?

Oh wait one more, to beat Erik at scrabble. We have been on a scrabble kick lately and my goal is to beat him. Just once.

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  1. Happy New Year!
    With your blog, I feel like you live next door and I love it! But whenever your heart tells you to blog, yippee! Love reading about your life!
    You are such a blessing to me!

  2. Great goals. I so know what you mean about yelling. It stresses me out so badly. Good Luck with everything! Happy New Year.

  3. My primary goal is to focus on spending. I'm notorious for thinking, "Hmmm... I'm hungry. I don't feel like cooking. I'll just go out and grab something." Eating out gets expensive though! Have you ever used You can set up your accounts on there, and set up budgets so you can see where your money is going. It's completely awesome!

    I made an epic checklist of things I want to accomplish this year on my blog... I read once that you're more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down, so I put them all on my blog so I could keep track :)

  4. I just discovered your blog through Bloggy Moms! What a treat!!!

    I too love it when numbers do nifty things. I even made sure to look at the clock at 11:11 on 1/1/11 (weird? obsessive? who knows?).

    I look forward to visiting your blog throughout this new year!


  5. Great goals Lins! And I know you'll accomplish each and every one. Cause that's how you role! Happy New Year!!!!

  6. I feel like this is your year to beat Erik at can do it! Great goals. Let me know how the yelling thing works out. I need to work on that one, too.

  7. Some time this week i will be running a blog hop for all of us who'd like to actually work on our goals. Ironically, my first one is to reconnect with my children and coming in at a close second is to curb the yelling. Great blog!

  8. I found your blog on Bloggy Moms, and I I identified my self in some of your goals for the new year. I also caught the gluten free, dairy free bit, which is exactly what we're dealing with in my house right now. Great blog!