Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hate Mail

I know hate is a strong word and don't like using it, but in this case it's necessary to describe my relationship with the mail. I hate mail. What is there to like about it? Bills, junk, wasted paper, paper cuts, and it's just plain depressing. Of course I love when there is a sweet note or check that comes, but that's very few and far between, so my distaste for the whole idea of mail still stands.

If it wasn't for Erik I know I wouldn't have the greatest relationship with my mailman. He would most likely have to write me up, send me a "please empty your mailbox" note, and then have stop delivering my mail all together. I would be on his naughty-list for sure.

If we happen to be driving home together and the mail has come, without fail Erik will pull over for me to retrieve the mail and without fail I will put up a fit. "No, we don't have to get it today, it can wait until tomorrow," I say as I wrinkle my nose, tilt my head back and give a little grunt of disapproval.

If he really wants to mix it up and make me mad, he will stop and get the mail on our way to town. Now it's there, on the dashboard, starring at me the whole day. I will stubbornly just let it sit there, sometimes for days. I have even let it sit there for weeks. See, the moment it comes into the house I have to deal with it. I don't like my counters cluttered, so I will immediately sort through it, discard the junk, file the bills, etc. I don't care so much about the car, it can sit there all it wants, ha!

Now with all that said, there is one glorious month out of the year. One month that I don't put up a fuss about getting the mail. One month that I look forward to Erik taking the time to pull over. It's the one month where the fun mail out does the awful mail. You all know where I'm going with this, December! Not a day before, nor a day after will I continue this streak of joy over getting the mail. During those wonderful days in the month of December, with anticipation over loved ones Christmas cards, I have a smile on my face when I open that box!

Thank you all who sent us cards during the holidays, they truly make my day!

We displayed them in a new way this year and I love it. I will save this ribbon and do this every year. I have to give kuddos to Erik on this one, it was his idea to put them over the windows. I added the bows for a cute touch and to hide the thumb tacks that were holding it up. Very easy to do.

I used double sided tape to hang the cards, but another cute idea would be to use clothespins!

Our tree comes down right away, but I usually don't bring myself to take these down until the end of January.

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  1. I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail too!!! Such a joy!!! Also, I stole your idea w/ the hanging of the cards.... but I just used yarn instead.. I thought your idea was SO CUTE, that I HAD to do it too!!! ;) (I didn't think you would mind.... LOVE YA! )

  2. Ooh, I have a recommendation! I too used to hate the mail, and now I go running to the mailbox every day because I joined! Essentially, you register yourself, request an address, and it gives you a random address of someone in the world. You send off postcards, and in return, you're eligible to receive them from around the world! I've gotten about 50 so far!

    I recommend ordering your own postcards from a site like Vistaprint (you can get 50 for approx. $10, and then you can use your own design- I uploaded photos from my hometown). It's a cool way to learn a bit about other people in the world! It's also a cool family activity- I've received lots where the kids picked the postcard and the parent writes it.

    Just an idea! I've gotten a ton of friends hooked on it :D

  3. this is SO funny. i could not be more opposite than you. i have a serious serious obsession with checking the mail. your right, the good stuff is far and few between, but for some reason i can NOT let a day pass without checking it. wes makes fun of my obsession. christmas just makes it worse, if that is even possible. i love MAIL!

  4. LOVE the way you put them up! I may have to try that next year! Thanks!

  5. I am right there with you for getting the mail. And it's even worse when you have to go to the post office to get your mail! On the flip side, I like having our mail at the post office because I read the mail there, and throw away the unimportant stuff and the junk never makes it into my house! Love the pictures over the window. Brillant Idea!!!!

  6. Wayne sends junk mail back to the companies that send it. He uses the postage paid return envelopes and sends it right back. :-)

  7. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little, okay a lot jealous of your kitchen!

    And the Christmas card idea=BRILLIANT! So doing that next year!

    I'm stopping by from BlogFrog!

  8. I love mail but I hate phone calls. I find the phone to be a great nuisance.

  9. ooo i love the ribbon idea, i'll have to try and remember for next year :) Have you thought of pen pals to get nice mail? i love getting pretty mail through the door. thanks for following, i think i may just follow you too, your wee family looks adorable xx

  10. love how you strung your christmas cards like this! so fun!! :) I'm a new follower via blogfrog! love your blog. :) Rebecca