Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making music

The other day I mentioned to Erik that he has not played his guitar in awhile. He has been working so much that he really has not had time. But this started up a conversation about how our kids are getting to the age that we need to start introducing them to the idea of music. Of course all the kids love music, but the idea of making music. He said he wanted to get them a drum set. My response was, well okay but what room are we going to put it in so that we can lock the door. Don't get me wrong I want to give my kids the opportunity to learn music. I would love to be the house that they could come to with their little band and practice, but also I don't want to loose my sanity!!

We learned early on in our marriage that I am tone deaf, so I am hoping that our kids get his music ability and not my lack of!!!

So the search on craigslist for the drum set begins. As of now we are still searching, but along this journey of searching of course Erik finds something he can't live without.

Daddy's new amp, and the first addition to our future band room!!!

Of course it was such an AMAZING DEAL, he couldn't pass it up!!! To be fair we did have to sell his amp before we left VA, and poor guy has been working so much, he more than deserves it. He is so cute when he gets behind that guitar, the little boy in him comes out. The kids could not have been more excited to hear daddy on his guitar, with of course the amp turned up way to loud.

I fell in love with him watching him behind his guitar.

Thats me peeking in behind the door

This was the first concert of Erik's I went to, we were not dating yet. We had gone to homecoming, but not together. I went with Britton the drummer in the band. It was a blind date that Erik had set us up on because he liked me at the time, but already had a date. It was his way of keeping an eye on me.

I am the one in the bright purple jacket. In this first picture I am laying on the couch to the right. He of course is the guy making the funny face.

I am easy to spot in the second picture. He is the guy in the shades up front!! Oh my
goodness he looks so young!

Most of our dating days I was in competition with this guy SKA band, but I have great memories of those days. "Off the Subject" is a big part of our growing up together.

Crazy bunch of boys!!

Such fun music!!! This was a wedding they did one time!

They are great guys, we just played tug of war with Erik!!

For Erik's senior project he marketed the band and sold tapes at his concerts. This was the cover. My kids don't even know what tapes are!!!

This is me the groupie!!! I think I was 15 in this pic!! This was at an outdoor concert in the summertime!!

See we even went to prom dressed in checkers in support of SKA!!! Look at us, we were just babies! Erik being silly of course!!!

I love us!!!

For those of you who don't know what the heck SKA is, here are some samples

Rancid- Time bomb


Reel Big Fish- Sell Out

To this day my heart gets all twiterpatted when I watch him play. In fact I used to tell him that I had to close my eyes when he led worship at church, because he was such a huge distraction for me. He is so cute when he plays that guitar, love him!!! Hopefully someday he can get some guys together and start another band!!

My attempt to join him in music was very short lived. This was my first and last guitar. I did learn a few songs, but again I am tone deaf. I had to let the desire, of being his musical counterpart, die!!

Hopefully he will be able to jam with his kids.

Infant Abby smiling as daddy plays his guitar. Look at all the hair that girl had. What a cutie!!

So I guess our workout room with be turned into the workout room/band room in the future. I am in complete support, just so long as we sound proof it!!!

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  1. So cute to see my son-in-law featured in a walk through the past post.What a great tribute! How cute are both of you. I too love to hear Erik play music. What a telented man you married. I guess all of us who can't sing a note really appreciate a gifted person when we get to. Sing on my Son......Can't wait to see ya. Maybe before I get there you could write a great mother-in-law-song....What do you think?