Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matty-Moo's Chocat Birfday

"Matthew your birthday is coming up soon, what do you want to do for your birthday?"

"Chocat birfday!"

And every time we asked him, that was the answer he stuck to. He didn't want anything else but a Chocolate birthday. Okay, you got it. He couldn't have made it any easier on us. 

Matthew is the kid that will make your heart melt with sweetness one minute and then drive you to the point of insanity the next. He will make you laugh until you cry with his perfect comedic timing. He loves life and it shows through is adorable, animated face. We can't go somewhere without him talking to someone he doesn't know; making new friends comes very easy for him. He his stubborn and passionate. Food is a very big deal to him. He is drawn to music. He is fearless. 

He's full of excuses.

His new excuse when asked to do something he doesn't want to do is, "My doctor said I can't."

An excuse he uses to change the subject at the dinner table or when we ask him to do a chore is, "I not Hulk, I Nacho."

If we were to guess his future, he might end up in musical comedy and would probably be remembered as the crazy linebacker in high school that streaked across the field at the homecoming game. 

Abby and Papa made him a special birthday breakfast

Love this little stinker.

"How old are you Matt?"

We went to the store so he could pick out a toy for the top of his cake. Something to decorate the top and something he could play with afterwards... we are all about maximizing useage in this house. But Matt informed us, by putting the transformer up to his ear, that his transformer didn't want to go on top of his cake. Okay, whatevs. It's your birfday.

Two boxes of cake mix, four containers of fudge frosting and chocolate ice cream on the side. You want chocalate, Nana will give you chocolate!

"You want some?" 
He loves to share his food.

It's sort of a Matthew birthday tradition to let him eat his cake with his hands. It all began with his monumental first birthday cake episode. 

Papa decided to join in the fun!

We all went to the movies to see "The Avengers", and then we came home and devoured the ginormous chocat cake. Such a fun day celebrating our baby boy! 

Love you Matt-Moo!

A little recap of his three's

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  1. What a carachter! It looks like you guys had a blast and you are so blessed to have your talent of taking amazing photos for your memories!

  2. Haha! Happy Bday Matty!!!! Never a dull moment with you in this world! Hugs n Loves from the Steinmetz Family!!!