Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ella keeps us laughing!

Monday was Ella's first official full day of school. The first day she got to ride the bus with her sister! She was so excited she couldn't contain herself! Last week she watched Abby get on the bus each day and she was so sad that she wasn't on it too. Well this day. It was her turn. She was up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, backpack on, all before 7:00 a.m.

They were so excited to wear their back to school dresses. I made Abby wait until Ella's first day, so they could wear them together. I had to get the traditional first day of school pictures!

The front porch picture

In front of the boulder

They got themselves breakfast and packed their own lunches! It was so cute, Abby wrote Ella a note, on her napkin and slipped it into her lunchbox!

Here comes the bus. While waiting for the bus Ella says, "This bus is going to love me."

So the first day of Kindergarten for Ella, was not short of drama. We picked the girls up from the bus and then asked the typical question, "Ella, what did you learn at school today?"

Ella responds, "That Jesus will always be there for you." I am glad she could get that out of public school!!

Abby pipes in right after Ella's response, "I just learned addition and stuff."

Then Ella continues, "And I also got a boyfriend and his name is Jason. Sorry to tell you I've got a boyfriend and he kissed me."

I started to talk to her and all I said was, "Ella, that is inappropriate." The conversation ended with her in tears, saying to me, "When I get home, I am going to sit in time out, the whole night.

Erik then took over for me, thank goodness. When he started to talk with her about the situation, she says to him, "Don't worry about it Dad, I'm going to go to time out when I get home, it's taken care of."

Erik proceeds to ask Ella about this boy and what exactly happened. He is so much more patient with these things, and knows the right way to talk to her. She then says to Erik, still emotional, "Of course I love him, you know that Dad." I'm just sitting in the car, trying to not laugh, writing this all down in my notebook!

This is only the first day of Kindergarten people. Oh my goodness, this girl is going to keep me on my knees. At least she gives me great blogging material, but a glass of wine will be necessary.

Mrs. Degroat, Ella's teacher, was also Abby's kindergarten teacher last year. She is in for a whole new adventure with this girl!!

Here are some of Ella's other one liners, that have left her mouth lately:

"Mom, I already brushed my hair, it's as soft as a fluffy monkey." In Ella's voice, it sounds more like, "Mom, I already bruthed my hair, ith as thoft ath a fluffy monkey."

"Mom, why do you have to be so cranky? You should smile sometime today."

"College is going to be great, I can't wait!" She hadn't even started kindergarten yet.

As we were driving, she spotted a pavement roller, you know the little ones that roll over and smooth out the new asphalt. She says, while gazing out the window and resting her head on her hand, "I so wish we had one of those little rollers, then we could go for a ride anytime, it would be fantastic!"

Talking to Matthew, "I am going to call you my man baby!"

Looking at the picture that I posted, as my new facebook profile picture, she says, "I just love my daddy poo, he is so original"

"I am wearing my skirt backwards because you wont tie it for me and I don't want to think about it anymore"

While eating a Good Humor ice cream cone, "There is chocolate in the bottom of this cone, no way, I have never seen anything like it in my life!"

This girl of mine is very passionate, even though it can be tough at times, I totally get it! She keeps our life spicy and we love her!!

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  1. Such a sweet story, and great clothes :)! What cuties.

  2. Funny, I had a similar situation with my 7 year old. I overheard her talking to her sisters "he kissed me on the lips!" quickly followed up with "don't tell mom". My first impluse was to run in there demand to know who dared to kiss her... when it dawned on me that was exactly why she said "don't tell mom". So instead, I said a quick prayer and asked for divine intervention! I said "Melia let me tell you something about moms, they're your go to person, you can tell your mom anything and they will be there to listen, laugh, hug, cry and help". I silently prayed for restraint as she explained the details of her first kiss, a smile from ear to ear, clapping her little hands together in sheer delight. When she was finished I gave her a hug and agreed that kisses can be a pretty wonderful thing. She turned to leave when I added "Hey Melia can I tell you something about boy kisses?" She was all ears. I knew this was my chance to try and make a big impact. I told her that when she was born she got an invisible present wrapped in beautiful paper with a big bow on top and inside the box is all her boy kisses. And everytime she kisses a boy a kiss floats out of her box. On her wedding day, she will get to give her box of kisses to her husband the boy she will want to spend the rest of her life with the boy she will want to kiss more than any other boy, so... she might want to be careful about handing them out too soon and not having very many to give her hubby. Her eyes widen, "well, then I won't be kissing any boys until I meet my husband!" then she asked "when do you meet your husband?" I told her it's different for everyone but most of the time it's near the end of college when you are 22. "22? well then I better not use any more kisses up for a long long time." - Mission accomplished! (for now anyway!) Thank you, Jesus!

  3. What beautiful pictures your children are beautiful and what a super great story...she reminds me of my Hannah!

  4. Hi I stopped in to follow from blogfrog and got hooked as well. Could your family be anymore beautiful. I love the pictures and your posts are great. Would take that house in a heartbeat. Did you ever think of joining up with the ladies who do openhouse days. God Bless

  5. Have you heard the saying "that child has been here before" or "she has an old soul"? I believe this is the case with your Ella, she is just too cute! I love the pics, your girls are beautiful! :)

  6. How sweet of Abby to welcome Ella to the world of school. I love the note!

  7. These stories are so adorable, and you take excellent pictures! WOW! I found you on blogfrog! Happy Friday! I will enjoy following you!

  8. First days are always the best and your girls look beautiful. I am visiting from the blog frog.