Monday, August 16, 2010

Intense Weekend

On Friday, we were all packed, ready to enjoy a weekend of family camping. Through a huge misunderstanding and miscommunication, Erik and I were in a fight all of Friday night that carried over until Saturday afternoon. It's amazing how the simple action of not communicating with each other can blow up and get so out of hand. I set up camp alone Friday night and Erik slept in the Suburban, it was that intense.

Even though fighting is not fun, I am thankful that it teaches us so much about each other and we always end up on the other side better for it!

After we hashed out what we needed to, kissed and made up, we had an awesome Saturday! On Friday night, most all the campsites were taken, we were stuck with a not so great one. Saturday afternoon, the sweet site next to our lame one, opened up. We snagged that baby and moved all our junk over one site. It was such an awesome camping spot, we will be coming back to this one. Private, quiet, huge, had it's own little stream in the back and it was a few feet from an awesome hiking trail. Also, it's free!!! After we set up camp, for the second time that weekend (except this time I had help doing it, so it went much faster), we went for an amazing hike. The kids did great, and we made it all the way to the top, breathtaking views. You would think I would of had my camera, nope, next time!

Oh, I forgot to mention that during our camp switchover we almost lost our trailer down a huge ravine! We had hitched it up to move it the few yards to our new site. Didn't take up the support wheel, the trailer unhitched, hit the suburban and then rolled away towards the ravine. God had perfectly placed a huge boulder that blocked it from falling over into oblivion! We were so lucky, and only had to replace the hitch that was completely smashed from the crash. A quick drive to Denver for a new hitch and we were good to go! My goodness, that trailer has quite the history! I really hope the trailer drama stops here!

The weekend didn't stop there, it only got more intense. On our way to Denver, for our new hitch, we rounded the corner and the first thing we see, is a man, face down, on the side of the road. His motorcycle was smashed into some rocks a few feet away. Some people had stopped and we quickly pulled over. We parked up a ways, to keep the kids out of viewing distance and so we could warn cars that were approaching. I stopped traffic to warn them of the situation up ahead and Erik went to assist. The guy was was already gone, most likely died on impact. No one could call for help, not reception. I quickly got the coordinates from our GPS and gave them to a lady, who drove till she had a signal, to call 911. Its seemed like forever until help arrived.

It really is amazing how people pull together in a situation like this. All kinds of different people, you probably would never come in contact with, are pulling together to help a stranger. By the time the paramedics came, there was large group of people doing what they could to help. Men taking my position to stop traffic, so I could go be with my kids. Firefighters off duty, stopping to assist. 911 probably got at least ten phone calls, with the same report, from different people.

Life really gets put in perspective. So short, so fragile, so precious.

Our weekend started out intense in one way and ended intense in a completely different way.

I pray for this man's family!
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  1. O my Lilly.............O My.............I am in tears.

  2. Lins - I love how open and candid you are in your blog. Thank you sweet sister in Christ for sharing life for what it is! You give us all the permission to let out that huge breath of relief and see that we're all in this together. I am so sorry for that man's family. I pray that you and Eric heal from what you saw as well - we came upon one of those on our way to Yellowstone last year and it was pretty traumatic. Thanks again for sharing! Hugs, Kel

  3. Intense indeed,
    You have a beautiful heart, determined...thanks for sharing your week-end trials, I'm glad that it all worked out with you and hubby, that is tough! What a freaky thing to deal with, yet amazing love shown to another...bless you all!