Friday, August 13, 2010

Mrs. Bus finds a new home!

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that talk about doing and those that actually do! My parents are definitely the doers of the world!

When my parents visited me last, we drove all around Denver looking at locations. Looking for a good place to open a "Tom and Carrie Smith's" of some sort! Nothing really hit home, as far as what we looked at. But that doesn't mean the path ended there, it just gets the gears going in a new direction.

A few weeks after they left my house, they tell me they are thinking about buying a bus. They had found a few online and were going to go look at them. "A BUS?" Yes a bus!!! They made a memorable trip to Coney Island, were my dad talked my mom into riding a roller coaster, but that's a whole other story!

A few weeks after that, they have their bus!!!! Juan and Manny delivered it about a week ago! Like I said, they are the doers of the world!!

Parked out front of their home right now, bus #63 has found herself a new home!! She will be loved, no doubt about that!

My dad's brain does not shut off when he gets an idea in it, I can relate! So now that they have their bus, the ideas are flowing and the brains are bursting with possibilities! They are thinking the color blue with lots of chrome!! Get ready Mrs. Bus, your makeover is about to begin!

Look, Thomas Built!!!

Now that they have her registered as an RV, they can legally drive Mrs. Bus on the road! That is one long RV!

Watch out, here she comes!!

Any one have any business name suggestions? I am sure they would love some brainstorming ideas!

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  1. There used to be a bus here in Waynesboro that was converted to a coffee shop. They called it the "Chatter Bus." It was even on the travel channel! And there is a mobile donut shop in Charlottesville called "Carpe Donut." People hire them out to come to their weddings. So fun!

  2. How fun to have such fun role models for life! That is great!