Monday, August 2, 2010

Before and After Photoshop with T

I thought it would be fun to do a before and after with some pictures.  I am just a beginner at photoshop, but it is so addicting and fun!!

The first picture is the one right out of the camera and then the second one is with some photoshop love!!  This is my friends little cutie T, when we were at the lake the other day!

This one is my favorite!!  What happened to all the people?

Isn't she a cutie!!  Bye-Bye PB&J face!  

I love her little expression in this one!

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  1. Oh how adorable and you did a great job editing the photos!!

    From your newest follower=)

  2. Great job editing those!

    She is a doll!

  3. wonderful job editing! I just started editing my photos as well...what a world of a difference a few minutes can make!

  4. Wow! 2 girls, and 2 boys! You lucked out! They are so gorgeous, even without the Photo shop!
    Came from BF, and am your newest follower...thanks for the smiles!