Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mommies Oasis

I often get asked, "how do you do it with four kids?"

God would not give me anything I couldn't handle! Whatever is on my plate, He gives me the strength to endure it! He also puts blessings in my life and ideas in my head that are the tools to get me through my situation. He has given me the gift of napping children, and the ability to take full advantage of that time!

My kids are great nappers, thanks to a wonderful stranger who sent me a great book when I was pregnant with Abby! She seriously is my unknown angel and her reward is waiting for her in heaven!

Abby (soon to be 1st grader) and Ella (soon to be kindergartener), still nap in the summertime! When the kids go down, my time begins. I don't clean unless I want to. I don't prep dinner unless I feel like it. It's my time and I have the freedom to use it anyway I want!

My napping activities usually include working out, computer time, napping myself, or relaxing with a good book.

Yesterday, after all the kids went down, I took a long shower and then laid down for a quick nap- felt so good! I woke up refreshed and ready to stick my nose in my book, for as long as the napping clock would allow.

I made myself a yummy cup of iced coffee, another tool in my tool bag that puts a spring in my step. I then went out on the deck to relax, read, and enjoy the gorgeous day. It was the perfect temperature outside, there were no bugs annoying me (having moved from the south, I am still not used to that fact), and the only noise around me were the birds singing. I sipped my yummy dessert and let my skin soak up the sunshine, as I sunk deeper into my story. Every once an awhile, the sun would sneak behind a cloud and a slight breeze would sweep over me and my book. It was, in my opinion, the perfect afternoon and the perfect way to spend my "ME TIME!" It was my oasis and exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries!

My nap time bliss does not end until the last child wakes. Abby and Ella were first to get up and they know the drill. They can quietly do an activity or watch a movie. I am not to be bothered unless it's an emergency. I take my quiet time very seriously and they have come to respect that.

My afternoon quiet time is a precious part of my routine. It makes me a better mommy and gives me the strength and energy I need to take on the afternoon shift! It was perfect, it gave me the boost I needed, to drag all four kids to the grocery store, with a swollen foot, before dinner. Erik had to work late, we were out of milk and Matthew was wearing his last diaper. I had to go! But I was okay with it, I was actually looking forward to it, why? Because I had already had some "ME TIME!" Even when the store situation got hairy, and it always does, I was able to handle it with patients, because I had had some "ME TIME!"

I know the kids can tell the days I get my "ME TIME" and the days I don't. That's probably why they have no problem leaving me alone! I love them to pieces and that's why I make sure to take care of myself too!!

To all you mommies, don't let the day slip by without taking some "YOU TIME!" Whatever that may mean to you, remember, you deserve it!

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  1. Love it! Nothing like a little mommy time.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  3. Your amazing. I say that alot.........I can't help it, it's true.............

  4. You are so right! And I gotta jealous of the no bugs! I knew it was better up north! ;-)