Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Card

Why is it so hard to get everyone in the mood for family pictures? I personally find it very fun and exciting! Getting everyone else to agree with me and support the ordeal is a whole other story.

I actually thought I wasn't going to do the Christmas card/pictures thing this year. I know, I would of been so sad. It is a tradition to us now and it has become a must! So we made it happen despite the time crunch and the frigid conditions. The weather decided to spike up above 30 degrees, so we started preparing. Honestly, I didn't care what the temperature was. We had waited till the last minute to do this, so it was now or never. Red noses, tears, grumpy faces, if that is all we got, it would have to do.

After a good fight disagreement between Erik and I, tends to be the norm when the stress level begins to escalate, we agreed to make the most of it. If we continued our yelling match then this year would turn out like last year. The header of this blog comes from last years session. That shoot began and ended in a fight disagreement. That is why our 2009 card became a major photoshop project and it only included the kids.

Last years card
I know it's sort of cheesy, but hey, I was just learning photoshop, give me a break!

I was determined to make this year different. We were not going to just fake it this year. We were going to be that happy, sweet looking family that this picture was supposed to be portraying. So help me, we were going to have fun and get along for this small amount of time. I don't think I was asking to much. Well maybe, but either way it was happening!

I told myself I wasn't going to be picky. I kept repeating in my head, "I get what I get and I'm not going to throw a fit." I really meant it too, whatever we ended up with was going to be fine. To an over-shooter, that is a major sacrifice.

The most daunting task of course, is the getting ready. Getting picture ready. Getting four kids and two adults picture ready. Getting everyone dolled up and having them still be thrilled with the fact that we are going out in the cold, with no coats, with the intent to look merry and bright!

Erik was so fantastic this year and so supportive. I am not being sarcastic, he really was fabulously helpful during the whole event. There is always a first time for everything! I hope he continues with that enthusiasm when next year rolls around. Let's be totally clear..... I'm no angel and I know it must be hard to deal with my die-hard picture freakiness. It must be my over-enthusiastic attitude that steamrolls my whole family. Oh well, they're stuck with me! (Erik came into my office and read my post for today. The last three sentences, in this paragraph, are from him. He felt I was not portraying the situation fairly and decided he needed to add to it.)

After all said and done, I was only given a twenty minute slot. Everyone was cold, including the husband, and I knew my smiling window had ended. The tears started to flow. We packed the kids up in the car while Erik and I braved it for a few more shots. I am very thankful I have mastered the self-timer, run into position and look natural skill.

We actually did have fun and we got a few keepers.

A few others I love that didn't make the cut!

This one, to me, wins the prize for the day!

Merry Christmas

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  1. I personally LOVED your photoshop card last year! Totally made me laugh everytime I looked at it. This year's is just as beautiful! Miss you guys and Merry Christmas!

  2. You have such a beautiful family. And you are truly a gifted photographer. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. Love it! You and your family are fabulous!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. These are so cute. Great card. I love it!

  5. You look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in all the pictures. I know I already told you but I love the colors you chose so much. I just love the one of you and Abby. Was that self timer too? My favorite Christmas card I got this year!!!!

  6. PS: I love that headband you have so much I bought one yesterday (at Platos). Don't worry, it's not too similar, but slightly! Hope you don't mind! : )