Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seven and Growing

I jumped on Abby the other night as I was tucking her into bed and I got right up in her face. I told her she was not allowed to grow up anymore. I made it very clear that turning eight was not a possibility and she was ordered to stay seven forever! I really hope it works!

Were the heck has the time gone?

My sweet, pouty lipped, wild haired little bundle! Oh, she was such a cutie, and such a riot! She still is! She continues to amaze us with her charming, witty, fun-loving, intelligent personality. To say we are proud of her would be an understatement!

Looking back at our little Abby.

Seriously, look at all that hair. Totally explains the heartburn!

This is that sweet pouty lip I was talking about. When I catch her doing it now, I can't help but squeeze her! So precious. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of her!

Abigail means Her Father's Joy and she always has been just that!

We celebrated her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. She chose a birthday party over a shopping spree. Smart girl!

She felt so special. I love her cute little shy grin!
"Okay Mom, I'll pose with the balloon that says I'm 7, but then will you stop with the camera please?"
Hannah Montana cake of course.
Getting her birthday girl medal of honor!

The only bad part was when we made the mouse mad! Poor Chuck. A little girl, from our group, hit him when he came over to take pictures with us. I didn't see it happen and I still don't know who it was that hit him, but all of a sudden he got up, shook his head at us and stomped off. I felt really bad for the poor person, stuck in that awful disgusting mouse costume, getting hit with little fists. Who in the world hits the mouse? Who invited that girl?

I was a little embarrassed that we got banned from Chuck E. pictures, but there is something about a person in a costume that can only communicate to you with sign language. They are less threatening. The faceless person that is angry with you, somehow isn't all that scary. You sort of do an "oh well," and move on quickly!

Chuck E. dancing with Abby. This was before we made him mad!

It was the perfect party for a seven year old! Easy for us too, we just showed up with a cake. No clean up. Worth every penny!

After he danced with Abby, Matthew decided he needed a turn. He ran up and yanked on Chuck's shirt and asked him for a high-five!

Keeping this guy corralled was a challenge.
Thank goodness Daddy was there to watch and stick close to his "mini-me."

A very fun part of the party was the ticket blaster. She was so cute and so shy about the whole thing.

Getting ready for the ticket blaster. Goggles on!

Wearing the crown was a great tactic, she caught a lot with her head!

She did awesome and caught enough tickets to pick a toy off of the top shelf. Anyone that knows Chuck E. Cheese, knows that is a huge achievement. Know one gets to pick from the top shelf, unless you've saved up all your tickets, over many Chuck E. Cheese visits and have avoided the temptation to spend them all on those cheap little toys that lie beneath the sparkly glass case.

The toys on the top shelf sit there to tantalize the children and annoy the parents to the extent that causes them to spend a ridiculous amount of money on tokens. Then after you go broke from buying tokens and have saved all your tickets over month long periods of time, they then rotate out those toys and they no longer have the toy you started to save up for in the first place. You then realize that you could of purchased that same toy for pennies on the dollar from Toys"R"Us. But it's all about fun right? And getting a toy from Chuck E. Cheese is so much better because, well, they have to retrieve if from that glowing top shelf!

This day Abby was a winner and she chose the Chuck E. Cheese gum ball machine, from the glowing top shelf!

Thank you to all her wonderful friends for making her birthday so special!

The three "second born" sisters!

You will always be my baby girl!

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  1. What great pictures of Abby when she was younger. I guess you have always been a photographer haven't you! I tell my girls the same thing (that they can't get any older) and in fact Madison knows that when she turns 7 she's grounded! Happy Birthday Abby, you sweet girl (oh, and you should have seen her at school yestesrday. So cute... all giggles!)

  2. There are NO words to describe what a blessing you are my sweet Abigail. You only bring smiles to me and Papa. The day you were born was the beginning of a wonderful and beautiful life full of love , laughter and Joy. Happy Birthday Abigail....xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Oh my goodness.. ALL THAT HAIR!!! You would have thought she was Hispanic or Italian! hahahaha! What a gorgeous baby she was, and a beautiful girl she is... inside AND out! LOVE all the pics of seeing her grow. She is precious! Happy Birthday dear Abby!!!! XOXO

  4. Those baby pics could not be any cuter!!!! ALMOST makes me want another one!!

    AND a top shelf CEC toy? WooHoo!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful party. Time really does go by too quickly. Adorable pictures

  6. I think the best pics are the ones where you can see she is missing teeth. Those are cute pic's. I have the most trouble with my oldest's birthday who turned 7 in Sept. I hate watching them get older but love seeing them grow

  7. Abby - you are precious. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love your baby picture!! You are such a delight and God sure knew what he was doing with you girl!!! Hugs, Kellie

  8. Oh, Abby, that hair! I just love it. What great pictures - they do just grow up too fast. I can't stand it. They go from these chubby, sweet little babies to 1st graders in the blink of an eye. Before we know it, they will be graduating.

  9. Hi, First time lurking at your blog. Such beautiful pictures of you of your adorable kids. Loved to watch each and every one of them. My kids will be turning 9 in june 2011, I felt the same pang as you did! Oh! nice if they stay with that same cuteness. Happy B'day Abby!

  10. Oh my word!!! I remember some of those earlier pictures and have a few of them! Happy Birthday Abby! And...when you find out how to stop them from growing up right before your eyes let me know ASAP! I have a precious little girl that will be 8 in about 3 months! I can't even believe it!

  11. Aw. SO sweet!! LOVE love love those baby pictures! I've never seen a baby with as much hair as my third little girl.
    You can see a few here:
    and here: