Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memories Are Priceless, Right?

You know your family is taking a new shape when you can finally take the whole brood to an event like the movies! We finally can. Well Matty is an exception because he has sat through full length movies since he was two. We decided it would be okay to try his movie watching skills out, in a darkened room, with lots of strangers. He did fabulous and we had a blast!

We are naughty and we bring moms very large oversized purse filled with loot! Soda and candy all around, for the manageable Target prices. We justify it by buying the largest popcorn they have, the never ending bucket. "Wait, how much for puffed corn? Butter isn't extra, okay, load it up!" For us, the bottomless is a must. We filled it three times! I am telling you, the years ahead are scary, we can all eat!

We do the honorable thing and we don't bust out the hidden unmentionables until the lights are out. As soon as the previews start, the noisy opening of all the candy wrappers begins.

"I want my Skittles. No the Snickers."
"I want my Reeses first."
"Can I have my Starbursts?"
"Chocet, chocet, chocet!" (that's Matty saying chocolate in case it was hard to interpret)

Well so much for being discreet! And if that didn't give it away, then the exploding bottles of soda might. Erik bought small individual sprites for the kids, so four times over I had to open the pressurized bottles. Each one decided the jiggly ride in my humongous purse didn't sit well with them!

It's funny how far away Erik and I had to sit from each other. We got everyone settled and then we laughed as we waved from the great distance!

Yeah, I definitely know the people sitting in front of us had some complaints! But, really, if you as an adult are coming to watch a kids movie alone, you better come with some tolerance for the expected crowd! "Um, sorry sir, so sorry to bother your viewing of Mega Mind."

Really the kids did great and the movie was very funny! I am so glad we can finally do things like this as a family, without it ending in complete disaster!

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  1. K, I am seriously going to start bringing my own snacks! We spent more then the movie tickets on our snacks. What a rip off! I don't think it's bad at all. When the kids get older you and Erik can go see your own movie and let the kids watch their own. Ah, that things to look forward to! Fun how dynamics change as the kids get older. IT's fun!

  2. It's true - so much fun when the movie theater becomes an option.

  3. We always bring snacks. Iv don't think you need to buy anything to justify it. Those tickets are crazy enough!


  4. We can totally relate!
    We haven't taken the boys yet to the movies, but I think we are getting close to trying it! Our outings are getting better, but alot of them still end in disaster! Here is to them turning three in 2 days (can't even believe it) and more adventures for the Raulerson Bunch in 2011!

  5. How fun!! I am looking forward to when we can do stuff like this together. Merry Christmas!

  6. You are brave parents. They should make a movie out of your bold parenting attempts. I don't think I have the guts to take my little man. I can just hear him yelling, "Well, fine!!" Multiple times. But, I just love the idea of smuggling in your own treats. I will use that next time.

  7. We take our snacks w/ us too! But popcorn at the theater is a MUST! And my kids love that flavored's SOOOOO good!!! I love going to the movies w/ my kids too; We started taking our kids when they were 3; girls were better than Darien I must admit... he just wanted to climb up & down the stairs. haha!

  8. Everytime I go to the movies (which is like, twice a year!), I think of the summer movie I saw you guys at I guess a couple of years ago when you were taking out all your packed goodies. And I was admiring you and all of your little ones and how well it went. I guess Matty was a baby? Love your great photos, even in the movie theater!