Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Chaos

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

Lots of presents to open. Nothing to do but laze around. Quality family time. An excuse to eat an excessive amount of yummy carbs. The kids busy all day with their new toys. What is not to like about this holiday!

Wilt Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve

The tradition of opening new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve!

So excited about his monkey jams.

"see mom!"

Snowboarding monkeys for our little snowboarder.

They will thank me for making them do these pictures when they are older. Maybe.

Daddy explaining Christmas before bed.

We started our very first fire in our fireplace. We have been putting this off for fear of burning down our house. We didn't have the chimney cleaned after we moved in. We decided to throw caution to the wind for the sake of ambiance on Christmas Eve. It was a necessity. Good news, the house is still standing!

Okay, you mountain friends are not allowed to make fun of my store bought logs. I still have a bit of city girl left in me, I guess in someways I always will. I know I live in the forest and there is a plethora of firewood within arms reach out my front door, but this is just easier. I guess I was just really desperate to have a fire and I compulsively bought them last time we were at Costco. We do add real wood to it to keep it going. Fine, I won't buy anymore fake logs, this will be my last box!

I am so in love with what a roaring fireplace does to a room, so perfect!

Christmas Morning

Being held prisoner until Mom and Dad give the call for Christmas.

A video of our Christmas morning. If you are not family, this might bore you.

I have one massive complaint!

This was our Christmas day, no snow and the kids spent most of the day outside on their new bikes and rollerblades. Now, I know it was great for the kids to be able to use their new toys, but really no snow for Christmas? Sad!

New jacket, new Rapunzel hair, going for a ride!

Pillow Pets, you have to be kidding me? I am not one for fads, so when my children's #1 wish this year was a pillow pet, I wrinkled my nose. Hyped-up glamorized pillows shaped like animals? okay their cute, but still!

Now, what I'm really thinking is, "I wish I had thought of it."

We are proud owners of four new Pillow Pets! Please just amuse me and tell me $80.00 is a great price for four really cute stuffed animals. I am trying to convince myself and not cry. Yes, I said $80.00. $20.00 each! Now are you with me on the ridiculousness of these little furry rip-offs?

Ella and her Repunzel hair. This is what she picked out with her Target gift card.
Thank you Uncle Bob and Aunt D!
If you watched the video above, you heard us talk about the best gift of the day! At school they have a gift shop were Abby and Ella chose gifts for each family member. This is what Ella chose for Erik. She hands him the gift and says, "oh Daddy, that's the only thing I could find Daddy." Erik loved his rhinestone pen, shaped like blue lipstick. This wins the award for the best gift of Christmas 2010. Classic!

Erik and I went shopping for the stocking stuffers together one night. Look at what dad picked out. In the first video you saw poor Matty trying a centipede flavored one.

This is not child abuse, I repeat this is not child abuse, they chose to eat them, willingly!!!!

In case you can't read them here they are in order: skunk spray, licorice, pencil shavings, banana, rotten egg, buttered popcorn, toothpaste, berry blue, canned dog food, chocolate pudding, barf, peach, booger, juicy pear, moldy cheese, caramel corn, baby wipes, coconut, centipede and strawberry jam.

The day long game of guessing the Jelly beans! Two jelly beans look alike, one is gross and one is not.  Who will get the nasty jelly bean and cry? Doesn't that sound like tons of fun?

Now, please give me a break (I ask for those a lot in my blog don't I?) I am in this video, but beware no make-up has been applied. It could get a little scary, I have warned you! Just keepin' it real!

The viewer should be advised that this video contains some disturbing footage. Parental advisory advised.

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  1. I never watch videos (as you know) but I'm really glad I watched that last one. Seth and I were cracking up! I've never heard of jelly beans like that. Too funny! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

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  3. Our kids got pillow pets from both sets of grandparents. So we have 6 pillow pets now.

  4. That video was hilarious w/ the jelly beans!!! You all are BRAVE!!! NO way am I tasting those! haha!
    Love the pics,.... of course!!! :)

  5. Great photos. I love them all. The one of them all on the fireplace is awesome!

  6. What a beautiful family you have! Loving all of your Christmas pictures! Coming over from Mommy In The Baking to follow! Thanks for swinging by!


  7. I am just reading this now...I am a new follower and just catching up LOL!! I HAD to comment though!! The pen your husband received well I got one just like it from my son from his Secret Santa at his school...the end of mine is filled with water and little balls that jiggle around and bonus it totally lights up when you write with it!! The funny part was that I am the head of the Secret Santa and when I purchased those pens I just knew my son would pick that for me. It was soooo funny to watch all the little boys picking out girly stuff for their dads. Some of them I tried to persuade into something more manly and they were totally against it. I wondered to myself, either their dads were femine OR their dads werent very nice so their kid picked them out a necklace or lip gloss LOL!! It really is the thought that counts:) I am so glad I found your blog it really is fantastic!!!