Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Reminders

Life gets busy. Our minds become full of all sorts of day to day things. We forget. We miss the bigger picture. Our perspective is limited. We only focus on the crazy.

Then God gives us a gift.

Right after a storm the other night a double rainbow graced the sky right outside our door.

I will always be amazed at a sight like this!

We stood outside and admired this breathtaking view until it faded away.

Something so simple to God, can completely leave us in awe! What a beautiful reminder that He is near!

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  1. So sweet Lins! And God's promise to us to never flood the Earth again! Gen 9:8-16 --- love your blogs always! :)

  2. Great picture. The simple gifts are the best.

  3. Have you ever read something and not only your eyes well up with happy and thankful tears but your heart also swells up with so many warm and wonderful heart tears, I thank you for making me have these feelings....Love you!

  4. I think it is great that you were able to take it in as it happened and not just hear about it.

  5. Beautiful blog - gorgeous family (no wonder you're a busy gal), all written from a beautiful heart. I've enjoyed my visit to your great site and look forward to following you. Take care and God Bless!

  6. That is a gorgeous picture!

    Every time I check out your blog I always laugh because I absolutely LOVE the picture at the top... Each kid has a different look.. Both daughters look scared but is laughing about it and the other is not too sure.. Your son that your hubby is holding looks like he is up to something...LOL... You all look so cute. I LOVE this Pic!

    Anne @

  7. So nice! We have to be paying attention and stop and pause sometimes to see the treasures and beauty all around us. Great pic!

  8. Gorgeous! New follower from Blog Frog

  9. Beautiful! God is good!

    I came over from BlogFrog.