Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Jungle

My kids seriously love going to the dentist. They ask me between visits constantly, when are we going to the dentist. I actually have to say to them, stop asking me, it will happen when it happens. I guess I would love going to the dentist too if I could play on a jungle gym while I waited and watch butterflies while my teeth were getting cleaned. These kids have it made and are in for a rude awakening once they become adults!! The animal chairs, the jungle gym, the prize bags, they will all disappear and they will be left with an awful drill starring them in the face and a dentist that really doesn't care about their comfort level!!! But for now, going to the dentist for them, is right up there with Chuck e Cheese!!

She choose the tiger for her chair, I would of picked the giraffe, but to each his own!!

Waiting his turn, playing on the computer. He didn't like that I pulled him away to get a picture!

The only thing I would fault them on is not having a playpen to lock this guy into! He was a reck, so over stimulated and running around like a crazy man!

Getting some help from big sis!!

They get to watch butterflies grace the ceilings as they get there teeth cleaned, must be nice!!

Don't you wish they themed all dentist offices, why not, adults need to be entertained too!! I would go back to a dentist just because they decked the place out in "The Office", or "SNL", or heck I would even take a Jungle theme!! Anything to distract me from the awful amount of metal objects they are about to put in my mouth!!

Watching big brother and waiting patiently for his turn. Well as patient as a two year old can be, many of the hanging instruments ended up on the floor. But he only squirted me once with the water tool, so not bad!!

Here is a video of Little man getting his teeth cleaned, such a big boy!!! He was all smiles!!

He thought he was so cool sitting up there like one of the big kids!! I vote for his coolness!

I hope this lady doesn't mind that I put her on youtube!! We are such a loud group, I know that everyone working in this office if very glad that insurance only covers a check up every six months!!!

Rest up staff members at "All Kids Dental", we will be back in December!!

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  1. Great photos! Love all those happy smiles! :) My Adeline adores going to the dentist too ... it sure helps to have one that caters to kiddos and is like a giant playground, doesn't it? :)