Saturday, June 12, 2010

No more dirt

We have never owned a house with a paved driveway, only gravel, and now dirt.  BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!   From the first day we moved in, we knew we wanted to pave.  Our driveway is very steep, muddy, bumpy, and well just a big nuisance.  When I would pull out each day the kids would say once we were at the top, "we made it mom!" It was somewhat of a roller coaster ride.  

I was very thankful for 4 wheel drive during the winter, but that sometimes didn't even help.   AAA came to my rescue one morning, hooked me up and pulled me out.  When it rained, the mud was insane.  Not sure why the previous owner thought they should install white carpet.  A mud pit driveway, white carpet and four pairs of little feet just don't mesh well.   

So we came across a little money that we decided needed to be put towards this driveway problem.  We got some quotes and were happy with the price, less than we thought!!!  

First we had to pull out the tree that sat in the middle to make it one, nice, big, smooth, glorious path!!  At first we got quotes with the mindset that we would keep the tree and pave around it.  Then at the last minute, with encouragement from my dad, we decided it needed to come out.  We had two days to accomplish this. Calling around, no one could do it that short of notice, except for one guy.  Grizzly Adams payed us a visit and dropped that tree lickity split.  

Isn't he fantastic, I mean look at that beard.  When you look at him, you don't even have to ask, you just know what he does for a living.  He drops trees!!!  

When he arrived, Erik went and told him he would be right out to move the vehicles. He nodded and said ,"sounds good."  Before Erik could slip on flip flops, grab the keys, and open the door to go outside, he yells out, "too late."  He had already cut it down, no need to move the cars.  I am glad the wind was in our favor that day!!!  Then we all just starred as he ripped it out of the ground, roots and all!!  Thank you Mr. Grizzly Adams, you are a big part of creating our gorgeous driveway, and thanks for the show!!!

So now it's time to grade 

Matthew was entertained the whole day, he couldn't get enough!!!

Pavin time!!

They started at 7:30 Tuesday morning. By the time I got home from taking my parents to the airport and doing some shopping, it was done!!  

Isn't she beautiful!!!  The kids can't wait to graffiti her with sidewalk chalk, but I am making them wait, she is just a baby!!

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  1. Driveway is amazing....awaiting photos of the sidewalk artwork.....Dad is so happy,no really this driveway picture made his day!

  2. WOW that sure is one huge BLACKBOARD for the kids to draw on...they're going to have so much FUN !!! You're going to love that driveway even more come the winter. MONEY WELL SPENT, looks good.