Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lazy or just efficient

I like to think of myself as a very efficient person, the queen of multitasking. But I am afraid that sometimes my efficiency skills fall more on the side of laziness. I can mask my laziness well by saying that I am just being efficient, but truth be told I am taking the short road and being lazy!!!

I do like to cook my kids healthy well rounded meals

Doesn't that look delicious? Green salad with feta, sweet potatoes, green beans with parmesan cheese, and grilled salmon. I know!!!!
But some nights I just don't have it in me. Granola bars and bananas are served, and then off to bed!!! At least they are getting a fresh piece of fruit, thats what I'm thinking. Look at their faces they love it!! The other thing is I am having them eat it on the floor, this way I can just quickly run the SHARK over the area and walla, dinner is cleaned up. I do not have to clean up the table!!!

At least they had a nice variety to choose from.

I know it is one of the basics of life, but I really dislike feeding my kids. I dislike everything about it!! It takes up so much of my day, and gives me such a big headache! First you go shopping for the food, that alone can do me in for the afternoon, and I usually apply extra deodorant before I embark on this adventure. Then there is preparing the food, listening to them complain about the food, and constantly asking me all day for food! Then there is the mess, the huge, never ending, massive mess!!! I am so against getting a dog but the food mess alone could persuade me, just don't tell Erik!

So whenever I can skip around the preparation of a meal and avoid the post meal clean-up, I am all for it!!! Sometimes I can even trick them, that they already had dinner, and just skip the meal all together. They are all really hungry for breakfast the next morning, but hey what a wonderful night off I get. I know this sounds bad, but my kids are not undernourished in anyway, and they did have a sucker, trail mix and juice at t-ball. It's not like they didn't get anything. Please don't report me to the authorities!

Matty has never had a crib, he has always slept in a pack-n-play. This has worked out great because ever since he was an infant the other kids could go and get him for me. Even now I never go downstairs in the morning and get him up, the big kids just tip over the pack-n-play and he crawls out. It's what he has always known as normal and just thinks thats how life works, dump me over and pour me out. I have never been a morning person, and even now that I get up early, it still saves me a trip downstairs.

When Abby and Ella were babies we did have a Jack Russell named Simon. This is going to be gross so prepare yourself. My kids were big puckers, spitting up big time after each feeding. Simon our dog new the sound well. Baby over the shoulders to burp, then comes the puke, then the splat on the floor, then a running simon to mop up the mess. Yes it is gross, but so convenient.

Simon and baby Abby

I had a big lazy moment that I need to confess and share. My mountain girlfriends got to see it first hand, but I need to share it with the rest of you. I am sure it is better with a visual, but I don't think a picture would be appropriate, so I will try to paint the picture for you. So this particular morning, it had just snowed the night before, I was not in the mood to get dressed and go out. I wanted to stay in my cozy pants and cuddle in for the day. But I had a MOPS meeting I needed to be at, so to my closet I go. I had worn a cami (spaghetti strap tank top) to bed the night before and so I just threw a fleece over that, put on some jeans, and I was ready to go. When I looked in the mirror I could see I wasn't going to be able to get away without wearing a bra. The fleece was to form fitting and this cami didn't have the built in bra (not that that helps much anyway). So I take my arms out of the fleece to get a bra on, but then realized I would also have to tangle my way out of the tank top, such a hassle. Then a lightbulb went on. I don't need to take off the tank top. I can just wear the bra over the cami, no one will know, the fleece will be overtop, problem solved!!! I wore it like that all day and it was very comfortable! I did have to show my girlfriends at mops my lazy skills, because it did look pretty funny. When Erik got home, I showed him my dressing attempt for the day, he just shook his head and giggled. He loves me!!!

I like clean kids and a clean house but I don't go to crazy extents to accomplish this. Dusting consists of wiping a shelf as I walk by, with the dirty sock I have in my hand at the time. I usually don't bath my kids in the summer, they go swimming at least once a week, that's all they need. Matty usually gets more baths, but only because he is still in diapers. When he poops instead of using a bunch of wippies I just throw him in the bath, hey its my way of going green and to balance out the massive amount of paper plates I use!! I vacuum thoroughly when the kids eat Ritz crackers for breakfast and my living room looks like the bottom of a hamster cage. I clean my shower while I'm in it. These are a few of the many shortcuts I take in life. Life is just to short to take the long road in these areas and stress out about dust!!!

Lazy? Efficient? Maybe a little of both.

What are some of the shortcuts you take? Have I given you any ideas?

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  1. This post cracks me up! I will confess too...I often don't wash out sippy cups properly, just rinse and reuse..sometimes bottles too! My kids don't get nearly enough baths either (except the tween who bathes herself) I will just wipe them down with baby wipes before bed! I am sure I can think of a ton more but I am too busy laughing to think of anything good right now. :-) Thanks for this post!

  2. So funny. Never thought of the bra on the outside of the clothing! I do believe you get this from your grandmother. She had all sorts of querky remodies. Your Blog is completely entertaining. Love you sweetheart............