Monday, June 14, 2010

The hike

Three Moms, ten kids, and a hike. No we are not crazy, just adventurous!! We actually had a wonderful time with only minor catastrophes!

All the girlies

Took some muscle to get that boat movin

One minor incident was when we lost Matthew out of the stroller. "Where did Matthew go?" Oh he is under the stroller, that's why it won't move! Poor guy, he was okay and wanted to get right back in his seat next to his buddy Sawyer! They both thought they were pushing the stroller along, good team work guys!

Little buddies

Sawyer finding the rocks he put in his shirt and Keira lovin on some flowers

We are in no rush, just trying to finish the loop before dark!

The path was so beautiful and unlike hikes on the east coast, no mosquitos!!!!

Getting Sawyer in Melissa's cool Ergo backpack. Friends make life fun!!! If you are looking for a great backpack this is the one, seriously the best kids pack I have ever worn. I carried Matty in it for sometime and even as heavy as he is, it was never uncomfortable!!

Sawyer boy sittin comfy!!

Keira and Taylor

Ella and Madison

Madison exploring the tree Real girls hike in tutu's

Taylors turn in the Ergo

Taylor and Matty are the same age, can't you tell!?! We like to call her tiny T!

Picking flowers all along the way

Taylor finding flowers

Cute friends. I love how Taylor doesn't let her size get in the way of finding her place among the big girls, such a cutie!!

Beautiful Keira and my sweet boy

Keira and her dandelion fun

Sawyer and his sweet handsome face

A few scraped knees, some small bruises and a couple meltdowns, but we made it!! We really had a great time and we were so proud of all the kiddos for finishing the hike. It took us two hours and they did awesome. I can't wait to take them out again!!

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  1. I love my Ergo! They are the best! You take such beautiful pictures. I am really impressed by your blog. :-)