Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our overnight adventure

Thanks to my wonderful parents and sis, Erik and I got the chance to get away for the night. We drove a gorgeous three hour drive to Glenwood hotsprings, stayed the night and then the next day went on a 1/2 day rafting trip down the Colorado River.  It was a much needed time away together and we had a great time!!!

At the springs

Erik checking it out

A picture of the natural hot springs pool at night, so warm!

Our drive

The colorado River, very high right now from all the snow melt

We spent a lot of time driving in the jeep, so fun rockin out with the top off.  Also amazing to look at all the gorgeous mountains surrounding us with nothing blocking our view!!

I had to get one of me driving in the jeep too!!!

So fun and so cold, the water was around 40 degrees

The guys in the front were so cold, they were shaking the whole time

I don't remember grabbing onto Erik but apparently I wanted to save him from going over, or maybe save myself!

The guy in the front on the left was so cold and wanted to avoid the larger rapids so he wouldn't get wet, I don't blame him it was very cold.  But his plan didn't work, he ended of falling out of the raft when we hit our last set of rapids, poor guy!!

I knew the camera guy was above, hence the pose!

Can't wait to go back and do it again, but this next time I would opt for August when the water is 70 degrees!!!

I had so much fun babe, love you!!!

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  1. What a great time for you both! Aren't you glad the life jackets are dirt brown in color? Brrr.