Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My baby is two

No more babies for us, so I am a little sad that my baby is now two, where did the time go?
I do have to recap on this little ones birth, just because it is a day I will never forget!  For those of you who don't know, I had Matthew in my parents car on the side of the road.

Here is the newspaper article

Here are the two news clips of this amazing event!!  

We had visitors from the newspaper, the local news, newspaper photographers, and even a radio program called in to get the story.  My hospital room was very busy for those two days!!   So special to have these memories.

Okay so I need to prep you for this one! This is a slide show of Matthew, but the background music is not your typical 2nd birthday kind of tune.  This is an audio clip of the 911 call Erik made from his cell phone when he came up to my parents car and found me ready to have a baby.  The local news got ahold of this clip because they wanted to play it for me and get my reaction.  They said I should audition for the next big horror film, because my scream would win the part.  Honestly I knew I let out a big scream when he was born, but do not recall it being that extreme.  Please prepare yourself before you push play!!  

I am so happy that we have these memories, it was one crazy day!!!

I love you Matty boy, you are one special little guy!! Stop growing!!

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  1. WOW that was emotional (tears)! What an incredible memory to have. How awesome is that to have your NANA deliver you into this world. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MATTY and may God continue to bless you all your years! Cathy