Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy Campers Part 2

On our Fourth of July weekend, we were able to teach our kids all the essentials of camping. Being their first time and all, we had to fill them in on all the important things!! How to make a campfire, how to cook outdoors, how to pitch a tent, how to pee successfully in the trees as a girl, how to brush your teeth (the night we got around to it) with a small amount of water, how to perfectly roast a marshmallow, and understanding the concept that smoke follows beauty!!

You have to have bacon when you go camping, it's a camping staple!!

And smores of course. We actually roasted marshmallows every morning as a pre-breakfast snack and then again at night!! Yummy!! Yes, it's not healthy, but when you are camping the rules change.

And you have to have hot chocolate

And what's camping without juicy, sweet watermelon!!!

Why is it, when camping, the food tastes better, cooking and doing the dishes is more fun, and you somehow forget all about how much work it actually is to set up a second home outside!!

It doesn't matter that the only place to go potty is the nearest tree, or the very fragrant outhouse. You don't care that everyone is extra dirty, and eating a few bugs with each meal is something you just come to expect. You don't notice the obnoxious neighbors to your right and you really start to like the loud music they are listening too.

You start to enjoy the smell of bug spray that you apply on thick every night and miss it terribly if you forget. The large amount of tropical sunscreen goodness you put on during the day balances out the bug spray musk, so you don't care!!

Loved our green, grassy lawn!! Playing ball while mom fixed meals became the norm!!!

You don't mind swimming in the nasty, green, slimy lake that is just a bit to cold. It's so hot out, you tell yourself, this feels great!! You also tune out the dead fish you saw nearby, and the bird swooping in to eat it's floating flesh.

It's the great outdoors, it's different from the everyday posh life we normally live and so it's just something we continually crave to do!!

There are no hillbilly clicks when you are camping, you just get the feeling, we are all in this together!!

Camp naps are the best!

Matthew just waking up, he is our late sleeper!!

Daddy helping him wake up with a little back rub. "A little to the right dad!"

They all woke up so early, like the first ones up in the whole campground!! We made them stay in their tent for awhile, just to be kind to the other dreaming souls around us. But it didn't help much, in fact they were probably louder because we kept them in there. Here is a visual of what we looked over too!! Cute, excited campers ready to get this party started!!!

Catching frogs became a game, they found a ton!!

Ella wanted me to take her picture in front of this sign. We stopped here for gas on our way home. As Ella will tell you, she is all about love!!!

The little guy saying "Happy Fourth of July!"

Here are some videos of the marshmallow madness we encountered, especially with the little guy. Matthews new phrase while camping was "marsh me!"

I love the part in this one when Abby says, "he knew in his mind he wanted to do it!"

Matthew is doing the marsh dance in this one, while sporting his gladiator style marsh stick. He was a little excited with what his sister hooked him up with!! "I got marsh, marsh, marsh!" He also said hi and bye to all the people that passed our site, he made lots of new friends!!

We are keeping our trailer packed and ready to go all summer so we can set out anytime we want with ease! You will be hearing about more campout adventures from the Wilts before the snow comes again! We love Colorado!!!

p.s. Sorry if I confused you with my switcharoo of the blog color. I was getting sick of the black and wanted something a little more cheery!! I really want a custom blog, someday, but for now this change will do!!! Do you like the white better than the black?

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  1. It looks like y'all had a wonderful time! Gorgeous photos.

  2. looks like a fun time! wonderful photos. New follower. Found you on blogfrog.:)

  3. Your pictures and stories made me smile again. The memories of my childhood camp days are flooding into my brain and causing me to feel both joy and sadness of times gone by soooo fast. It is obvious that your entire family is having a blast...keep up the good work.

  4. Wow, what a great trip - and what good kids - taking their naps! It doesn't get much better than bacon and smores!