Monday, July 26, 2010

My Abby girl!

It was early Saturday morning and I had a surprise up my sleeve. I had been holding it in for days! I woke up at 5:30 a.m., quickly got ready and then tip toed into the girls room. I quietly woke up Abby and told her to go upstairs. She was confused, but then I quickly informed her that this was going to be a special day. Today was Mommy and Abby day, a day all to ourselves. I should of snapped a picture the moment I told her, because her face was priceless! I just love surprises, especially when it means I get to make special
memories with my sweet girl!!

All special days start the same, a stop at Starbucks!

Abby got her hot chocolate, I had my lovely cup of coffee, and we both had a breakfast sandwich! We were energized and ready to start this fun day!!

We were up early and out the door before anyone else was up. It was great to start the day out as early as possible, because it just goes way to fast. Another reason was to hit up some great yard sales. You might think we are crazy to use some of our date day to garage sale, but we both love it! We met up with some great friends and went to this town wide mega sale. Abby had her purse full of coins and ready to shop. We both found some awesome treasures!!!

It was really hot and so we were glad a lot of houses had refreshments. We were happy to support the lemonade stands that day!!

Abby with her friend Madison. They both purchased some goofy sunglasses!!

My find of the day was my new adorable portrait chair, I can't wait to use it!
Isn't she pretty!?!

After a morning of bargain hunting, we decided to cool off a bit and head indoors. Our creative juices flowed as we painted some pottery!!! Abby chose a guitar vase and I painted a drawer organizer for my bathroom vanity!

It was so relaxing to sit, paint and enjoy fun conversation with each other. Really the perfect date!

I just love this picture of her. The face she is making reminds me of my little baby Abby! I love that as her mom, I will always be able to see that baby girl in her, no matter how big she gets!

All done and ready for the kiln
Here is my drawer organizer. When fired the whole top will have a crackled look! Even though I don't win the award for the most creative or colorful piece of pottery painted, I will cherish this forever. It will always remind me of our special day we had together!!

Being so crafty, made both of us very hungry. Abby chose Applebee's for our lunch destination!

I really can't believe my baby girl is going to be in 1st grade in just a few short weeks!

3 months, always such a happy girl!!

Sweet baby Abby, 7 months

10 months

Realizing how fast time goes, makes me cherish these special days with her all the more! Going through these pictures of her, makes me teary! I love watching her grow, she is such gorgeous girl inside and out, but my goodness, sometimes I wish time would just stand still!!

Thank you Abby for being such an amazing daughter, it is such an honor to be your Mommy!!!

Love you baby girl!!

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  1. I wanted to stop in and let you know, I had to pass this award on to some bloggy friends I thought were fantastic, and I thought of you!


    Beautiful post, beautiful photos, beautiful little girl!

    Looks like you guys had such a fun day!

  2. How fun, I did special days with each of my girls in May, 3 Saturdays in a row! We had such a great time. I think it will be an annual event!

  3. Oh Yes another tugggg at my heart. My sweet wonderful daughter is now 29 years old. Your day with Abby not only made me smile but it allowed me to relive a day with Viva and wish for more. I can tell that you are enjoying each (most) day with your family. My hat goes off to you and my love goes out to you too.