Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer fun

Tan lines, flip flops, long days, tank tops, and lots of warm sunshine, what is there not to love about summer?

Jon has that lazy summer stare going on and Abby is picking a sliver out of her foot, our patio needs to be painted (coming soon)! I love that they are content to just hang out outside. We eat almost all meals out here!

Posing for mom

and again, playing with some new actions by "Paint the Moon", I love this one!!

Jon likes to spin around on the patio chairs, it's a no no, but when I am not looking he can't resist!

Summer means always having yummy sun tea on tap,

it means a Play-Doh party outside in the warm sunshine,

it means daddy is one year older!! Do you love the cake? That's what my baking in high altitude looks like, using a boxed cake. I know it's sad!!

Summer means having lazy Saturdays and snuggling with the kids all day! We took our two couches and pushed them together, then put our huge bean bag on top of that. It was a giant cuddle nest. We kept it like that for over a week!!!

It means pool parties!!!

We had spent all day at the lake and then headed to a friends birthday party after that. Matthew was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open, to much vitamin D for this little guy!

I absolutely love summer, and am cherishing every moment of it!!

Summer also means camping!! As a kid, I have so many wonderful memories of camping and I am so excited to start giving those to my littles! They were all up at 6:00 this morning, ready and raring to go, excited for their very first camping adventure. The trailer is all packed up for four days of fun, we will be pulling out as soon as daddy gets home from his half day of work!! Jackson Lake, ready or not here we come!!!

I hope you have some fun plans for this weekend too!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

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  1. Your backyard is gorgeous!! My brother and his wife live south of Colorado Springs.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that botches a box cake. lol That cake reminded me of the first cake I baked for my 18th Birthday.
    I had made the cake for a party with new friends from High School. There was a dent on the top so Ijust filled it in with more frosting. All my friends cracked up.

    I'm not much better now and it's too hot to bake a cake.+