Friday, July 30, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma come visit

Grandpa and Grandma Wilt came to visit us!! We had a great week relaxing, enjoying each others company, and we even got some adventures in too!!

We made it to the zoo. The rain held off, and Erik was able to retrieve his keys that mysteriously got locked inside his truck!! I love that I am married to a handy man!! Good thing we had beef jerky and Flushed Away, to distract us while we waited!!

Ella peed her pants a little while we were admiring the animals, so I raced her to the bathroom to get the job finished in the proper setting. This is just me goofing around in the bathroom while I waited for her to do her business. My goodness she took a long time, what the heck was she doing in there? I had to keep myself entertained, I'm pretty good at it!!

Jon roaring like a lion, or maybe he was doing the HULK? Most likely, it was the latter!! We are a loud bunch wherever we go, we have just come to accept the fact!

Mr. Matthew was not having it!

We also made a trip to Target, were the kids of course got spoiled! Abby chose a Taylor Swift doll that plays "Romeo and Juliet", wow, I will never forget that song. Ella picked a Barbie, Matt chose a mini "Yo Gabba Gabba" piano, that he won't share, and Jon got a new bike!! That boy was so excited, he couldn't stand it! He patiently waited until the next day, when Grandpa could put it together for him. We had Christmas in July!!!

We also made a trip to Pikes Peak! We road the Cog Railway to the top!! I really want to hike it someday!! It's just beautiful!!

The view from the top

Sorry for the random girl, we were in a hurry to get back on the train!

It was during nap time, poor little guy just couldn't stay awake!

Matthew on the other hand, decided he didn't need to sleep. He was such a pill the whole ride. Erik and I kept handing him back and forth, taking turns holding the wiggle worm. We went through two bags of crackers, a few toys, a container of wipes, and all of my sanity! Those sitting close to us, quickly decided they didn't like us very much. I just hope I was discreet enough and they didn't see me pinching his leg, when he was throwing is one of many fits. My goodness that boy is strong, he wore my arm muscles out quick. Who brings a busy, cranky, toddler on a train ride, during nap time? I guess we do! The trip was about an hour there and an hour back. The last two minutes on the ride back down, he finally fell asleep, the little stinker.

Another fun thing was getting to watch Erik as a little guy, on the home video Bill brought. We stopped by Goodwill and picked us up a $7.00 VCR, (if you are in need of one, don't fret, they have about 50 left to choose from). We also picked up a .50 cent VHS tape, just to make sure our new spiffy SONY VCR didn't eat our priceless video. We tried it out on Jurassic Park first!

Abby especially was enthralled watching her Daddy. It was so interesting seeing how much Abby resembles him in character!

How cute is he?

This then started us on a home video watching marathon. Ever since we watched young daddy, Abby and Ella have asked non-stop to watch themselves as babies. It has been fun to look back at them when they were little and to see how much our life has changed. They were such little cuties, just like their daddy!

Thank you Dad and Debbie for coming, we love you and we can't wait until you visit again!!

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  1. Such wonderful memories.We loved seeing all the fun you all had together.Jon sure looks happy about his new bike.Pike's Peek is amazing,we'll have to see that place someday!The kids sure made the veiw even prettier. They are cutie's. Dad is saying silly things for me to write,you can just imagine what else he wants me to say. I'll close for now.Love you guys...

  2. I came over from FF on BlogFrog...

    What great memories! I rode the cog railway up to see Pike's Peak with my Grandparents in the late 1990s. My Grandma has since passed away, but that was such a special trip to Colorado that I will cherish always.

    You have beautiful children!