Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tough guy

Yesterday was going to be a down day for us, catching up on some stuff around the house, after being gone all weekend.  The day played out much different.  I was emptying the dishwasher and the kids were racing around playing tag, I heard Jon scream.  I hear lots of screams each and every day, so I really don't rush and react to them much.  Then I hear Ella say, "that's a lot of blood!"  I turned around and Jon was covered in blood.  Tag around the kitchen,  didn't play out well for him this time, the corner of the counter top bit him as he ran by.  I assessed the situation and saw that it was coming from his head.  Knowing heads bleed a lot, I calmed down, took him to the bathroom and tried to stop the bleeding.  I realized, we were going to have to make a trip to the pediatrician.  The cut was small, but deep, and it wouldn't stop bleeding.  

So thankful for our pediatrician, who does everything in the office.  I didn't have to take all the kids to Denver, to the hospital, for an all day event!   They got us right in, stapled him up, and we were home in time for lunch.  He was such a good patient, he just laid there and let them do their thing.  The Dr. told him she had thirteen year olds that didn't act that good and that he was a tough boy, he felt so proud!

I know now why I never became a nurse.  I was fine the whole time, didn't even think twice about looking at Jon's cut, applying pressure to it, getting him to the dr.,  but then there came a point that I started to feel funny.  I was helping the nurse by holding a pan under Jon's head as he laid back, so she could clean the cut.  I had my other hand on Jon's hands, keeping him calm.  My ears started to ring, and I could feel my face going pale.  Trying to be the brave mother, I just breathed through it quietly, but as soon as she was done, I went and sat down and got a cold drink of water.  I am such a wuss, when it comes to deep, oozing cuts, that are being cleaned out, so I found out today! 

My goodness heads bleed a lot, this was after the Dr. cleaned him up!

Having on a red shirt today worked out nicely! He is proud of his staples, such a boy!

Three staples in the head calls for a special lunch, Jon's favorite, Subway!!

He also go a special lizard from the Dr. office for being so brave, it slept right next to him during nap time!

This is his second head injury that has required stitches/staples, lets hope he doesn't make this a habit!

He asked me when we got home how long he would have to keep the stakes in his head.  
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  1. He IS such a brave boy!! and such a BIG boy!

  2. My sweet buddy boy.....Papa and Nana are soooooooooo very proud of you...You are a very brave guy and papa says you are braver than the Hulk any old day! We love you!

  3. Awwww, poor little guy! That would have scared me half to death!