Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My daily goals

Goals in life are always changing, as the seasons in life change.  Right now, here is my list of daily goals.  I deem it a great day if I can check them all off.

1.  Tell each kid I am proud of them in someway and give them a squeeze or cuddle.  I want to make sure I tell them how much I love them!

2.  Work out

3.  Do Hooked on Phonics with Ella.  We need to finish before school starts, cutting it a little close

4.  Not raise my voice to a screaming tone (this one is probably my biggest challenge)

5.  Check email

6.  Clear out the sink of dirty dishes from the day before

7.  Do at least one load of laundry

8.  Read a chapter

9.  Learn at least one new thing about photography

10.  Blog a post, if it's Monday, Wed, or Friday (usually)

11.  Talk about the days events with Erik

12.  Get to bed before 10:00 p.m.

Now of course this is just my short list.  It doesn't include shopping, play dates, appointments, outings, church, MOPS, cleaning, etc.  Aside from all the other daily tasks, events, and adventures life brings, these are just the things I love to see get accomplished day to day!  It might look like a simple list, but for me, it's a challenge.  I am always one for a challenge, especially for these loves!

There are just not enough hours in a day!

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  1. Great list. I love lists -- they truly help me organize my thoughts.

    And I need to work on #4 as well.

    Great blog!

  2. Great pictures and great goals!

  3. Great list and Beautiful photos!! What camera do you use? Thanks for sharing and linkin up for WW!

  4. Wow. those pix are amazing. What shots of their beautiful eyes. WOW good job.

  5. Hey there-I finally signed up to post things on your blog and to see everything that is going on in your crazy life. Miss you and hope that things are going well for you sure seems like things are going well :)

  6. I love your list and you pictures! pricless!

  7. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, truly makes my day! Alicia, I have a 5D Mark II, love your pic on your WW post!!!

  8. Linsey, you are so ambitious! I'm not sure I could get all this done WITHOUT kids. #1 is my favorite. Good luck super mama.

  9. So so true! Beautiful kiddos! Happy Wednesday!

  10. Believe me, I know!!! There are not enough hours in the day. It is a constant problem!

  11. your photos are so sweet!

    I love your list... I know exactly how you feel about not having enough time to accomplish everything...

    Right now, we're transitioning between having my husband home, on lay-off... and now having to get up at 4am to see him off to work in the morning.......

  12. You are such an inspiration and a blessing to so many.....My sweet baby girl......Love you so much and forever.....

  13. These are stunning. What type of lens/filter did you use? If you don't mind sharing. Beautiful!

  14. Of course, these are shot with my Canon 50mm 1.2 and I do have a polarizing filter on it. Thank you for your kind words!!!