Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snow in July

Okay so the title of this post is a little deceiving.  We didn't get snow in July, but I wouldn't be surprised if CO dished us a little snow in the middle of summer!!!  

I know it is a bit weird to post snowboarding/skiing pictures in July, but I just got these pictures back from Costco and I thought they were just to cute to not post.  I am really bad at dropping off film and picking it up, such a hassle, so happy that we now live in a digital world.  Erik took these pics with a few disposable cameras (I know the quality is terrible, but still cute, and I am glad he captured these memories).  Erik got the chance to take a few snowboarding/skiing trips with the kids this last year, it was their first time on the slopes!

Abby doing great, she loves that she is a snowboarder like Daddy!

There goes little Ella!!!  Very glad she chose skiing, not sure she would of had very much fun trying to snowboard.  She is a lot like her mama and we do better on skiis!!!!!

Making her way up the magic carpet, so cute!!

Jonathan, the smallest snowboarder on the mountain that day!  Erik was asked many times, can he really do that?  He was actually to small, but they sized him off of his snow boots he was wearing, that were 3 sized to big for him.  He had his heart set on snowboarding, so if they had put him in skis (which for his size, he should of been on skis) he would of been heartbroken.   His snowboarding boots came all the way up to his knees and he really couldn't bend them that well!!!!

Such a cool little snowboarder!!!  I love this picture, such a little cutie!!

Such a stud!  Well, he is actually about to fall here, but it looks like he is cutting it up!!

He is just as excited that he gets to ride in Daddy's Jeep as he is to snowboard!!

My handsome boys!

Completely worn out!

We plan on having many more snow adventures this next winter, we will be getting seasons passes!  I will finally get the chance to get back out there, it has been way to long for me.  I have either been pregnant or had an infant for the past seven years,  things are changing and our family is beginning to take a new shape!!!  
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  1. thank you................SO MUCH FUN TO SEE THESE GUYS IN ACTION............CAN'T WAIT TO SKI WITH THEM.........

  2. How fun to see the little snowboarders! They are so darn cute!!!!!! (I'm just going to keep telling you that too. ;)
    Great photos!

  3. I love the ski lifter. I've only gone skiing once and that was enough. The first time up the lift my skis got stuck with my boyfriend,s (at the time. They stopped the lift and he had to remove the ski while we hung up in the air (I'm afraid of heights. The second time I was just starting to get the hang of it and another skier ran into me. All this excitement was on the bunny slopes!! lol