Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays Said With Love

I don't usually like my blog to be heavy.  You know, topics that leave you not feeling light, happy and in a good mood.  But, something lays heavy on my heart and I feel like venting it.  It stems from an incident that happened last Christmas season and I was recently talking about it with some friends.

I was standing in line at TJ Maxx to make a return. It was late. I had four hungry kids in tow. I was stressed.  That is beside the point, but I thought I would give you a mental picture of the situation.  The young girl behind the counter, around sixteen, was helping the lady in front of me.  She finished returning her item and then with a pleasant smile said, "Happy Holidays."

The lady in line looked up at the girl and responded, "we say Merry Christmas in our home because we still keep the Christ in our Christmas."

The girl just looked at the woman and said nothing.

My mouth dropped open, I instantly got hot and sweaty and was in a bit of shock.

Not one ounce of love came out of her mouth.  Not one bit of good was done.
I pray that girl was already saved and was looking at this woman with as much reproach as I was.

How far from Christ's love was that statement? In my opinion, hugely distant.

I did not say anything to this woman. Maybe from shock, maybe from disgust, maybe from the fact that my children were loosing it at the time.  But, I sure had plenty to say to her after the fact. I was mad. I am very thankful now that I didn't have an opportunity to speak, I would of most likely regretted it. 

After a good venting, out loud to myself while driving home, I began to pray for her. For the girl behind the counter too, but I knew God was way bigger then that one small statement made by a stranger.  I was more concerned about the woman feeling the need to make a statement like that.  I was praying that she would be able to walk freely in God's grace and portray that in her life to others.  That her tongue would stop spreading damageable phrases and that she would instead speak Christ's love just by her actions.

If "Happy Holidays," is said with Christ's love, it's far more needed than a thousand "Merry Christmases."

I really wish Christians would stop trying so hard and just let God do His work.  I really feel that we get in the way all to often.

I pray that us as Christians would stop trying to prove to others that Christ's sacrifice was sufficient. He has already proven it. We just get to walk freely in it and love those around us. Of course Christ is my Christmas, but I hope I show that to others through love. 

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  1. Wow, so nicely put! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Beautifully said, Linsey. It is obvious from the lovely person that you are and how you treat all around you that Christ is in your Christmas. Great post!

  3. Well said. I feel for both of them. Unfortunately, it seems like now at holiday time we are all tip toeing around greetings and trying to not offend one way or the other instead of just spreading joy, peace, and good will toward all. Sad that some can't take the message for what it is. Wishing you all peace, blessings, and a very merry Christmas!

  4. Great perspective. I say Merry Christmas, but I do not get mad if someone says Happy Holidays. You are so right about showing love. I think a lot of Christians {myself included} forget about that.

  5. I always read your posts! Love them! I wanted to invite you over to my $50 American Axpress giveaway that ends christmas Eve!

  6. sometimes Christians give Christmas (and Christ!) a bad rep! this was a great post!


  7. You make such a wonderful point! Living the life that Christ would want us to live and sharing His love with others results in a positive attitude like yours. Thank you!

  8. Happy Holidays includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice, and the New Year. It's an inclusive statement, and Merry Christmas is a specific one. That's the only difference I see.

    The lady, most likely has a mental problem. This is what I what I assume when people act crazy. I'm sure that's what the sales girl thought too.

  9. So true Linsey! It is sad when "Christians" miss the whole point....that we are supposed to live as Christ! WWJD! I just would have responded Merry Christmas and that is it. Poor girl was just doing what her upper management told her to do. Sadly, these days you can loose your job over saying Merry Christmas.

  10. LOVE this post. As someone who is a Christian but with a lot of friends who are NOT Christians and who don't celebrate Christmas I feel sorry for all of the Christians who make a big fuss about "Merry Christmas" like Christmas is the only holiday on the calendar, like everyone celebrates it - Christians don't have a clue how much they are making a bad name for God and how they are being an offense to the world around them (and not in the right way). Good for you for stepping out on this post! I love the message of it.

  11. What a great post! So true, sometimes we miss can the point of it all. I admit there are times I can err on the side of being self-righteous, but it truly is about SHOWING the love of Christ to others and not just in our words.