Monday, December 6, 2010

Procrastination and Some Beautiful People

The procrastination for this family shoot took us into the wintery months. I can remember talking about doing family pictures for them while we were relaxing on the beach in our swimsuits. The funny thing is I see mom (Heather) just about every day and we still couldn't get it together. Procrastination seems to be something her and I are good at, but definitely her more than me!

We looked at the weather, set a date for the following week and started planning. This family would look adorable wearing brown paper sacks, but she did go shopping for cute outfits. We were going to do this, it was finally happening.

Now talk about procrastination, let me let you in on how we roll. Heather and I both get up early to work in our quiet homes, and we are skype buddies to say the least. Lets just say, we talk a lot! Anyway, it was around 7:00 a.m. at this point in the morning and we were skyping about the shoot. It dawned on us, we of course were trying to jam to much in for that day and so we decided we should move up the shoot to an earlier time.

We quickly came up with a plan. I needed to get to her house, so my girls could ride her earlier bus. I would drive around and find a location, which we hadn't done yet, while she got the family ready. So that gave me a 1/2 an hour to get my camera gear together, get me and all the kids fed, ready and out the door, so we could make it to Heathers 7:45 bus. She lives 20 min from me. We did it, with five minutes to spare! I'm not saying I looked great, but we made it!

So all that to say, it didn't happen. Well everyone got dolled up and cutified, but we very soon realized it wasn't happening. The wind was blowing, it was about 35 degrees out and the kids were not having it. I don't blame them, I was freezing and I was allowed to wear my winter coat! I felt so bad for Heather. She had gone through all that work to get her family of five ready and we didn't even get one picture.

We decided to try it again, in town, the next week. We both go to church in Denver, so after church on Sunday, the weather looked promising. We headed to a near by park and had some fun!

They are serious professionals. I would say lets go over here, I would start adjusting my camera settings, look up and they would already be in perfect position. I barely had to tell them anything!

I am so lucky to have these guys in my life, they really are beautiful inside and out!

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  1. Thanks for doing our pics LInsey! I LOVE them all!!! No procrastinating next year!

  2. Your welcome, you guys are the best and I had so much fun!! It's really easy taking pictures of gorgeous people!!