Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black Blog?

I spent many hours looking at free blog templates online, but of course just ended up going with the simple one that BlogSpot provides. Why a black blog? Well I do like the color black. I have black couches,

a black dining room table, black countertops,

and black and white pictures all over my house.

Wearing black made me feel less fat when I was 9 months pregnant and 60 lbs heavier, and even currently I have a good selection of black that I like to wear.

Yes my closet is color coordinated thanks to my mom. I to have the gift of OCD and I get it from her,

but that's not why.

I chose black because I like taking pictures. Pictures look good displayed on black, just like diamonds do!!!

Here are some pictures I took of the kids the other night!! You are probably going to get sick of seeing pictures of my kids but hey they are the easiest subjects to practice on, and for now they don't mind!!!

love that face

sweet boy


buddies for life

matty was to busy to join the group

different personalities

whatever it takes i will get up this tree

watch out here they come

see my booboo

see my pine cones

i love jon's face in this one

you are witnessing the transformation of the hulk

sweet ella bella

love them

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  1. you have such an amazing gift for photography. those pictures are amazing!!!! if we make it out this summer, you are totally doing a family photo shoot for us!

  2. OMG...you are killing me.....what an amazing blog this is...I don't have any words for you....other than Thank You for sharing....Those babies faces and their smiles go to the deapest part of my heart and bless it beyond whatever I could ever have imagined. Being a mother is my favorite thing, being a nana is the icing on the cake...