Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yogi came by last night

We were naughty and didn't do what we were told, we left our picnic basket outside.

Erik had gone to bed and I was up watching "What I like about you." I was enjoying a wonderful cup of Hazelnut coffee, decaf of course, and I heard this noise. Now anyone that knows me knows I am a huge scaredycat. Then this noise became a loud bang. Of course at first I thought the worst, burglar. But for some reason I didn't get up, just sat there, probably realized in my subconscious of course it's not a burglar. Then a few seconds later a louder bang and I new it was the sound of our garbage can. Then of course it clicked, an animal, duh!!

So I get up to check it out, I turned on the front light and could not believe what I was seeing. A huge black bear trying to open up our garbage can. I was a bit in shock but then realized the front door was unlocked. I don't know if bears can open doors but in that moment it seamed like the right thing to do. As I was walking closer to the door, Mr. bear and I met eyes, he was staring right at me, and then as I was walking closer to the door he decided to come up the steps onto the landing. I quickly locked the door and then just stared at him in amazement. He then put his nose against the glass window as if to say, "Hi, I'm hungry, do you have any leftovers, can I come in for awhile?" This was a crazy moment and even though he couldn't get in, it scared me having this massive animal just outside my window, hungry!!!

I then ran into the bedroom and yelled, "Erik get out here now." In a groggy panicked voice he responded, "what's wrong, what, what's going on?" I screamed, "we have a bear at our door, get up!" We both run to the front door and just stand in amazement, what the heck, there is a bear three feet away starring at us. He kept looking at us as if to say, "what, I was here first, this is my home, what are you looking at?"

Then Erik decides that we need to bring the garbage can in the garage, so we don't have garbage everywhere in the morning. Well good idea and good luck with that!!! If I was all by myself, Mr. Bear would be enjoying himself a nice dinner! Well we worked as a team. After Mr. bear rounded the corner, I kept watch as Erik braved the night. What a rush, I kept yelling, "please don't die, please don't die!" He was brave but I know he was shaking inside. I have never seen him yank a heavy garbage can over his head so fast!!

In all the panic and craziness, I did get a few good pictures, but guess what, no memory card. I know I was so bummed!! After I realized I didn't have a memory card and rushed to get it in, I did snap this one of him leaving, so we at least have evidence in the form of his big black behind!! I have a feeling he will be back and I will be ready to take his portrait!!!

And just think I was going to bbq late last night, I asked Erik to pick up steaks on his way home so we could bbq after the kids went to bed. Mr. Bear would of really liked that, fresh hot steaks. We are thinking of getting a lock for our deck gate. Could you imagine, me outside grilling and Mr. Bear comes around the corner!!! I will not be going outside after dark anytime soon. After this Erik wants another gun!!!

I asked Erik to open the door real quick so I could get a good picture, brave I know!!! But it was a mistake because it scared Mr. Bear!

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