Monday, May 17, 2010

Snow pies

I did think my kids had some common sense, at least the basics, but after Saturday I am not so sure.

On Saturday I had just had it. Erik has been gone working for over a month without a day off, and that translates into, no break for me. The snow came back and I found myself in a slump. Almost like I was going back into hibernation. The first day of snow was kind of fun, but then after a few days, it really started to bring me down. So all that to say, on this particular Saturday with Erik gone again, I wasn't in the mood for much. I decided to take a personal day! I retreated to my office and checked out for the morning! I did of course still have my mommy ears on, but mentally I tuned out!

So this is the result of me taking the morning off!!

Yes you are seeing this correctly, they are making snow pies in my living room!!!

This part of my kitchen floor was very clean!!

Getting good use out of various kitchen items

Thank you Matty for opening and spreading an entire bag of rice in the pantry!! When I first saw this, I just closed the pantry door.

Helping themselves to many snacks, again I just didn't care, eat what you want.

Finished their snacks. My goodness have I not taught them were the garbage can is, seriously?

Many more goldfish not pictured. But they all got picked up, mostly by Matty who snacked on them throughout the morning!!

At least they went in the bathroom and got the good bath towels to mop up the mess!!

Despite the fact that they made this massive mess, they are great helpers when they put their minds to it. We had it all cleaned up in minutes. Many hands get the job done quick. My morning off was so worth the 20 minutes of cleaning we had to do. After we cleaned up, it was naptime, perfect!! I regrouped, took a nap, and then I was well rested to start the evening!!

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