Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy I love you

Being a Mommy is the best job in the world. I am so thankful each day that God has given me four beautiful healthy children, and that I get the blessing of being with them everyday. Sure there are tough days and days I don't know if the stress level can get any higher, but the reward is irreplaceable. The sweet little hug, the cute phrases they say, the "Mommy I love you's." When they say "Mommy you're the best." Those moments are what make my job #1. These little people in my life can make me feel like the greatest person on earth!

We snapped this real quick with the camera timer before we headed to church this morning, not bad!

I woke up this morning to a mountain of homeade cards, wrapped presents (things they found around the house), and my sweet Jonathan, (my early riser) came in my room and and rubbed my back to wake me up (he knows how to bless his mom). My heart could not be more full just seeing how much these guys want to make my day special, love them more than life!!!

This is a book that Abby made me in school, it is just the cutest thing!!

Another cute card that Abby made me in school!!!

The girls with their gifts!!

I also got a special package in the mail the other day. At first I called her and got upset because it's just not right to send me flowers. It's mothers day for goodness sake, I send YOU flowers, thats how it works. I did send my beautiful Mommy flowers, but she wasn't supposed to send some this way, crazy girl!!! But they did make my day!! Daisies are my favorite flower, they make me smile.

The one person that was maybe even more excited than me was Jonathan. I have never been a flowers girl, always to frugal and always thought what a waste of money. But my tastes have changed and now I just love having fresh flowers on my table, they make me feel happy!! I have been keeping flowers in the house and I havn't had them for about a week or two. Jonathan asked me almost everyday, "Mom when are you going to get flowers?" He looks at the empty vase and then walks away sad when I tell him,"someday when we make it to the store." So when I opened the box, the smile on his face and the joy that that box brought him was so hilarious. He even jumped up and down and then said, "now Mom don't kill them." I am glad they bring him joy like they do me!!

Thank you Mommy for blessing me, and buddy!

This gave me a good cry this morning!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies!!!!!!!!!
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