Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me and My El

I am so blessed with so many wonderful friends and today my sweet friend Melissa gave me such a gift! Thank you Melissa for watching my rowdy boys all day and giving my Ella and me a day full of wonderful memories, that we will always cherish!

I was so excited when I woke up, I was going to get to spill the surprise that I had been holding back all week! I don't think my girl could of been more excited when I told her that it was going to be just her and I, all day! We dressed up cute, dropped those boys off and then we hit the town, girls day!!

First stop was the salon. Mommy was in desperate need of a haircut and miss Ella was in need of her very first manicure!

Look at those awful split ends!

Yes definitely in need of a mani

Picked her polish

Isn't she adorable, everyone in that salon just loved her. I think she made their day, I know she made my day!!

Getting her hair braided and waiting for her nails to dry, such concentration.

After we finished getting beautified, we set out for lunch. On our way, we had to stop at a garage sale, we are both suckers for a good yard sale. We found some treasures, and now our bellies were ready for lunch. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. We enjoyed our drive to Evergreen with the windows down and the breeze in our hair, singing loudly.

We had lunch on the river at a cute little pizza place. We enjoyed our lunch while we watched the ducks swimming around below.

Examining her amazing nail color choice, she can't get enough of it.

Showing me her nails

After lunch we walked down by the river to examine the ducks more closely

We stopped at a cute little consignment store, Ella picked out a new outfit.
New dress, new shoes, new hairdo, and freshly painted nails, you are looking at one fabulous feeling girl!!

One more nail shot

I just love spending time with my sweet Ella and I can't wait until we can do it again!! We had such an amazing day, one we will both never forget.

When we got back home, before we went to pick up the boys, we had to get a few more pictures to document this day. We set up the tripod and did our own little photo shoot. Ella stood while I focused on her, I hit the timer, ran over and then we posed. It was so much fun. We must of done like 20 different takes and giggled the whole time. I just love these pictures of us and every time I look at them I will remember our special day together!

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  1. So sweet, so precious....NO heart is so full at the sight of both of you.xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Those photos of the two of you are waaaay cute! You know you may have started her early on the girly "high maintenance" thing??? ;-) But really Linsey, that's such a great mommy-daughter memory! Sososo COOL having one-on-one's with each of the kids. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Your daughter is a cutie, all your kids are beautiful! I remember that video you posted of her cutting her hair-so cute. I have to say, I love following your blog and to see how you do it, with four kids! You make it look so easy and fun! Needless to say, my husband is now terrified because I said it would be so fun to have four kids!

  4. Sparkly nail polish--great choice, indeed! :) Looks like you girls had a fabulous day!

    you asked what my middle name is--it's marcheta. Pronounced 'mar-keeta" Family name. :)