Friday, May 21, 2010

I had my day in court

Yesterday I went to face my fate.  Why is going to court so dang nerve racking?  A few things in life really turn my stomach and one of those is an unknown room, with a black robed judge, that can take my money.  That nervous feeling comes, you know the one that makes you feel like you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but when you try to go nothing happens. The same feeling can come upon you when you like someone and get those butterflies, but in this case it was the bad nervous.   Going 40 in a 20, in a school zone, requires me to appear and show my face in court, so I have no choice.

I went inside and first had to check in with the bailiff, then I was told to have a seat. The waiting begins and again I start to go over in my head all that I am going to say to this judge.  But the problem I am having is you don't get to see the judge that is appointed to you. I am sitting out in this holding room with two double doors in front of me. Behind these doors sits the judge that I am about to face.  How am I supposed to come up with a proper explanation if I don't know what kind of judge. Man, woman, old, young, cranky, happy, nice, mean.  All these factors will help me put my words in order and give me an upper hand.   One of my biggest fears was having to see the officer that pulled me over, she was just down right terrifying.  

It's weird when you are sitting out there with all these other convicted traffic violators. You get this feeling that everyone is starring at each other, trying to figure out what each person could be here for, as if you could tell my looking.   Of course they couldn't possibly be as innocent as you! Then you have the ones that are coming out of the courtroom, who have already faced the judge and were given their sentence, saying things like, "thats a bunch of bull."  And now I am really nervous, this must be one tough judge. 

So now it is my turn, my name is called and I'm about to throw up.  I walk through the double doors and there he is. The cutest, sweetest, little old man judge that I had prayed for, he wasn't even wearing a robe.  I have two options, I can have my 6 point violation lowered to a 2 point violation, or I can be on a six month probation. If I take the probation and I don't have any tickets within six months, they will just dismiss the charge all together.  What? I don't have to tell you the six point essay I planned on my drive here, all the words I perfectly put together to convince you to rule in my favor? The tone of my voice that I practiced to make me sound sweet, innocent, but professional and remorseful, is no longer needed?  Good thing he saved me from that, I would of sounded completely ridiculous.  After I choose the 2 point violation, just so I wouldn't have this hanging over my head for 6 months, he looks at my record and tells me that because I don't have any previous violations (good thing records don't transfer from state to state) that he is going to lower my fine even more.  This fine usually cost $250.00, he only made me pay $110.00.  Not sure if my sweet smile and charming personality swayed this adorable judge, or if it was just standard procedure, but I am one happy criminal!!

The guy before me, not so lucky. He had five tickets within a ten month period, and walked away from this one $375.00 poorer.  One more violation and he was looking at jail time, yikes!!!!

I thanked the kind judge and gave him one more smile, then basically danced out of that courtroom.  When I stopped to pay my fine I had to make sure to tell the clerk all about this wonderful experience.  Not sure if she wanted to hear my story, but I had to say something, I was glowing with excitement. She smiled back me and was happy I was happy!!!

Well I saved so much on that stinkin ticket, time to go shopping. Thanks to my wonderful angel of a friend Heather who was watching my rugrats, I had some time to hit up some stores. Heather you are such a huge gift, and I was brought to tears today on my drive to town thinking about you and all you mean to me, love you!!  

My master bedroom has been neglected since we moved in, it was time to give it some much deserved attention.  All my bedroom treasure finds coming soon, stay tuned!!!!

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  1. So stinkin funny....! What is it about YOU that makes me have a continuous smile on my face. Love you sweetie..........See ya soon..

  2. 5-31-2101
    I guess we will all have to wait for this saga to continue. I truly hope the best for your new appearance. Have fun this week. me