Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colorado Rockies

My girls have started their baseball career. It all starts with t-ball!!! I just love our Bailey t-ball little league. They are so cute out there chasing the ball and not really understanding the rules. We say that t-ball players have a 3 second delay. If you have had a little one in t-ball then you know this scene well.

First practice was of course freezing, we have a foot of snow on the ground right now for goodness sake. They did have fun, but I think we as the parents had more fun watching them. A few of the kids during practice kept asking, are we done yet? At practice Ella had been playing pitcher position and it was now her turn to bat. When she hit the ball, she chased after it, picked it up and then ran with it to fist base, she was very proud of herself!

Miss Ella is so cute out there, she is so tiny. When they fitted everyone for their t-shirts they had small, medium, and large laid out. When it was Ella's turn to be fitted they didn't even measure her, just handed her a small and said, it should shrink a little honey!!! When she runs from base to base she has to hold her helmet on as she runs. But boy does this girl love the game, and she is good too!!! She is a lefty, maybe pitcher awaits her future!! Sometimes though the princess comes out and she looks at me while she is running to first and does a sideways glamour pose. She runs without looking where she is headed, so much like her mother!!!

Last Saturday at the game I was busy taking pictures and Jon came up and told me he had to go potty. I said in a minute I would take him and I wasn't really paying attention, as usual. I turned around just in time before he dropped his drawers. He couldn't hold it, I don't blame him, but my goodness guy at least turn around. He was on the grass to the side of the field facing the game, I guess he didn't want to miss anything. Well I did catch him in time and spared everyone a show!! When I took him to the outhouse to go he said," I am not going in their, I will fall in and drowned." It is a scary site, not to mention just plain gross. What an awful way to die!! So we chose a nearby shrub, and took care of business. Remember we live in the mountains, this is normal!!

The girls painted Jon's face with red marker before we left for the game, guess they thought he needed to support them with some team spirit!!

The best part of a t-ball game for the supporting siblings is the concessions! Good thing suckers are only 10 cents, it's a long season!

Keira, Jon and Sawyer enjoying their ring pops!!!

At the last game Ella wanted to play catcher, here she is all suited up, just adorable!! She loved every minute of it!!

So I felt a little dumb at our first game when I asked the coach a question. I asked if in t-ball do they only run one base per batter no matter what? He said well yes because otherwise they would all just get home runs. Hey I am new at this baseball thing. If you don't get it, think about it!!!

Go Abby

Sittin on the bench, being cute, waiting to bat!!

It was very cool that they got to be the "Colorado Rockies." We had just taken all of them to a Rockies game. We found out their team name a few days later and they were so excited!!!


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  1. So cute! Nana and Papa can't wsit to see you play. Your caps are very cool.We'll see you soon. Love you so much..xoxoxoxoxox