Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Snickers bar

It's amazing what a simple jester, something we think anyone would do for someone else, can have such a big impact.  The other day at work, Erik offered a woman a snickers candy bar because she was going into diabetic shock.  I didn't even hear about this until a week or so later, when I read an email that was sent by the sales rep of the couple in need.  Who was this good samaritan on the job?  

Here is the email that was sent:

From: Karen Klein
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:25 PM
To: Kelly Carbajal
Cc: Chris
Subject: Good Samaritan Swinerton construction worker

Kelly, can you please pass this email on to Swinerton management.

On Saturday I took an elder couple (the Krendl’s) into the building around 11:30 AM to see several residences. While in the building Mrs. Krendl, who is diabetic, had a very sudden sugar low and forgot to bring her sugar tablets (or something like that) with her. It very quickly turned into a near emergency. She was fading fast…. Upon getting to the ground floor one of the construction workers, named Eric who was just about to get on the elevator, overheard us talking about her needing sugar immediately and the dire straights she was in. He very kindly offered her his snickers candy bar and asked if that would help. Mrs. Krendl said YES and told him he saved her life.

So A BIG THANK YOU to ERIC for his kindness and helping her out. It was absolutely very close to an emergency situation.


Karen Klein
Sales Specialist
Four Seasons Private Residences Denver
represented by Lauriel Property Group LLC
720.241.0601 office
303.324.9359 cell

From: Kelly Carbajal []
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:44 PM
To: Dan McIntosh;; Wayne Osborne; David Wermerskirchen
Cc: Dan Wolf
Subject: FW: Good Samaritan Swinerton construction worker

Hi all, please see the email from Karen below.
We would love to find out who Eric is and get him something for his kindness. If somebody could please find out for me and send me his info I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

Kelly Carbajal
Marketing and Sales Manager
Four Seasons Private Residences Denver

Right after the snickers bar was offered, the husband of the woman was overwhelmed at Erik's kindness, and immediately wanted to reward him.  He kept saying you saved my wife's life.  He pulled out his wallet and offered Erik a large amount of cash, that's how thankful he was.  Of course Erik said no way, you are not giving me anything, it was just a snickers bar.  

Makes you think that we should keep some type of candy with us, in the bottom of our purse, just in case someone is in need!!

Good job honey, I am glad you could save the day!!!  By the way, what were you doing with a Snickers bar?

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  1. I am absolutely in Love with the Wilt Family, you ALL do so much to bless so many....Good Job Son, I am going to have to make you your very own Super Man Cape to match Jon's...