Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom Scare 2010

Right after Erik and I got married we moved to New York to start our life together. We were just two babies in love, ready to begin our adventure. But soon after we moved we got very homesick, so we planned a visit back to Oregon to surprise our family. No one had a clue we were coming.

At the time Mom, Dad, and Britt lived in Bandon at Camp Bradley. So we told them that Bill, Eriks dad, wanted to come visit the camp. They had plans to show him around and let him stay in one of the cottages. We drove to the coast and Erik and I hid under a blanket in the back seat of his dads jeep. We held a camera with us under the blanket, when we popped out to surprise my mom, this is the shot we got.

The Scare of 2000

We had such a fun weekend and a time we will never forget.

So now to present day. It has been ten years and time to make mom pee her pants again. So I brought in the blonde OC girls to devise a plan. Mom and Dad have had their tickets to come visit us in CO for months. When Britt and Becky called and said they wanted to come, the plan started to form for the best scare of the century.

So Britt came Monday, Becky came Tuesday, and now it is Wed, time to pick up Papa and Nana from the airport. We did have a long day of waiting, lightning storm over Denver, so I had to drive to Colorado Springs to collect them. Also by the way, the popo got me again, third speeding ticket within a three week time frame, Colorado has it out for me. After all the build up it was time to carry out our brilliant plan. First we found a place for the kiddos, so they wouldn't blow our cover, (thank you Kellie and Melissa, you guys are the best). Then we decided Britty and Beck would hang back at the house and hide away. I would show Mom and Dad around and they would, at the perfect moment, lunge out at them like a hungry lioness. They hid in my closet, Britt on one side with her head sticking out of the clothes, complete with hat on her head, she looked like ET.

This is what they saw when they first walked into my closet. Beck was hiding on the other side catching all the action on video. (sorry for all the red eyes, I didn't take the time to edit any of these, but they are brilliant pics without any editing needed)

Here are the pictures from them seeing Britt

Dad spotting Britt

Mom still doesn't know whats up, she is just a happy soul and laughs with others when they are happy. She thinks Dad just really likes the closet.

Now she knows whats up, her baby is here

So Britty was the first bomb and now it was time to crush her with the last dagger. Britty released the tears, now it was time to throw the final blow to the bladder. Here are the pics when she saw Beck.

It seriously was the best scare ever, not sure we can top that!!

Becky was Blair witching it in the closet and got some great footage of the moment. Notice the hangers and clothing framing the shot, if you listen closely you can hear the victims in the background. Be prepared to laugh! By the way, sorry that my butt is blocking a lot of it, I didn't know I was in the way of the action! Becky wanted to throw a shoe at my butt, but didn't want to blow her cover. Enjoy!

I love my family, we are so fun!!

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  1. The expressions on Carrie's (your Mommy's) face are absolutely priceless!!! What FUN that was sharing in the joy & excitement of your "long awaited" moment.

    If you girl's manage to pull off another one of those surprise scare's in the next decade, you won't have to worry about her peeing her pants...she'll probably be wearing "depends"...hee hee heeeeeeeee

    Have a GREAT time together...Hugs & blessings, CAT

  2. This was absolutely awesome!! Good job girls! :) Made my cry a little! What fun you guys r having together! :)

  3. Rebecca ArnspigerMay 28, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Ok..I've watched this 10 more times since I've been home and I swear it gets funnier everytime!
    That has got to be the best suprise I've ever been a part of.
    We rock!

  4. I love it too! Hearing the screams and all of your voices on the video is priceless. I am happy for all of you! Hugs, Cin